EXCLUSIVE: Borderless Director Talks to Politicalite About YouTube Ban

IN A BLATANT attack on free speech, YouTube has censored ‘Borderless’, a new groundbreaking documentary about border control and mass immigration from independent filmakers Caolan Robertson and Lauren Southern.

The feature-length documentary, shot in a modern, stylish fashion, was taken down from YoutTube less than 24 hours after it was uploaded, leaving Caolan and Southern to resort to uploading a back-up and praying that it too wouldn’t be censored.

The loss of the original on YouTube, which had already been watched by thousands of eager viewers is likely to heavily affect the documentary’s view count – something that YouTube and the fascist left-wing establishment will undoubtedly be hoping for.

Southern’s and Robertson’s previous documentary about the racially-motivated genocide of white farmers in South Africa accumulated ober 2.3 million views on the platform.

One of the popular documentary’s promotional posters.

Southern originally tweet about the removal, saying that she had received a message from YouTube claiming that the video had “stopped processing”. But Southern correctly pointed out that processing errors can only take place BEFORE a video has been uploaded, and not after.

Lauren announces the film’s removal from YouTube.

Recently there have been numerous documented cases of Silicon Valley giants using deliberate triggered “errors” to interfere with politically controversial content creators. A leak from Facebook earlier this year revealed that the company uses “forced glitches” against right-wing and conservative users.

YouTube is owned by Google – a company renowned for censoring any thought or ideology that doesn’t confirm with its own blinkered left-wing view of the world.

Before the documentary was released, Caolan’s team successfully exposed an NGO, catching its executive director admitting on camera that it encourages migrants to lie to EU border officials about their reasons for entering Europe. Southern reported that the UN High Commission responded to her report, calling it “alarming”, although no further action is understood to have been taken.

Southern’s tweet exposing YouTube’s lie.

The migration crisis is one of the greatest debates facing Europe today” Southern wrote on Twitter. “Yet it seems mired in dishonesty, cover-ups and pre-scripted narratives. Is this for the good of Europe? Or has our inability to discuss this conditionaless invitation to Europe led to disaster for the very people it was purported to help, disastor for the people it was imposed upon, and chaos for the future of an entire continent?

As frustrated viewers vented their anger over the censorship on Twitter and Facebook, Politicalite spoke to Borderless Director Caolan Robertson for an update.

Caolan says that censorship has “gone to far”.

This is the most rational film about the European border ever made” he exclusively told Politicalite. “You can’t watch it and call it propaganda. It’s hardly even a right-wing documentary. It literally tells the story from the refugee’s perspective on the ground. It’s going to wake people up on both sides and we can’t have that, we can’t normalise dissenting voices when corporate partnerships are at stake.”

It’s extremely fair and balanced” Caolan said of the documentary. As Lauren says, Leftists are censoring the consequences of their own actions. Censorship is getting completely out of control”.

The back-up version of the documentary is still available on Youtube and viewers are urged to watch it as soon as possible before it’s taken down. Click the following link, sit back, and prepared to be blown away: https://youtu.be/ZQ_fz9EW5Iw

Politicalite will be releasing a full movie review shortly.

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