EXCLUSIVE: Theresa May’s Plans For Social Media Regulation ‘Worse Than China’, Says Insider

BRITISH Prime Minister Theresa May is planning to crack down on what the Government sees as ‘disinformation’ and the new laws dubbed ‘Online Harms’ could have a devastating effect on non-mainstream news websites and anti-Establishment internet posts, Politicalite can reveal.

The plans for the new laws, that could be pushed through Parliament, will make tech giants and social networks more accountable for ‘harmful content’ online, but the Government has suspiciously included ‘Disinformation’ in the list of what it sees as online harm.

The new laws will mean Britain could potentially have tougher internet regulation than countries such as China.

In China, Government regulators have banned its more than 750 million internet users from using sites such as Google and Facebook, and the Communist regime strictly moderates what its citizens can or cannot do online.

The Government plans to prevent offenders of ‘online harm’ from appearing in search results, app stores or links on social media posts, before making internet service providers block non-complaint websites or apps entirely as the last resort.

That could mean that sites that provide alternative news are ‘completely blacklisted.’

The ‘independent’ regulator will be responsible for ensuring tech companies abide by new laws, and if they fail to do so – sites could be BLOCKED from the UK internet.

SOUND FAMILIAR? Mrs May’s Regime Could BAN Sites Like Facebook and Twitter if they fail to comply with tough new laws on internet regulation, it has been claimed.

A source told Politicalite: “The plans could hit alternative news hard, and could force Facebook and Google to ban such outlets completely.”

Earlier this year the UK’s most popular activist online with over one million likes was completely erased from the internet.

Tommy Robinson, who had a massive reach online and represented millions of left behind Britons was completely silenced and has all but been removed from the internet due to his criticism of the Government and MPs.

DE-LISTED: Tommy Robinson has been totally censored from sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in recent months

YouTube followed suit a few weeks later and ‘shadow-banned’ the activist, meaning his videos would not appear in search results, and users could only view his content by having a ‘direct link.’ to his videos.

The Government is currently consulting on whether this should mean the creation of a brand new regulator or whether it should be housed within an existing regulator, such as Ofcom.

Tech firms like Facebook could be issued substantial fines for any proven failures, with a requirement to publish a notice to the public detailing where they went wrong.

The Government is also consulting on giving the regulator even tougher powers to make individual senior managers criminally liable for any breaches.

A 12-week consultation of the proposals will now take place before the Government will publish its final proposals for legislation.

Government Mocked Over ‘Anti Fake News’ Campaign

THERESA May’s failing Government has been mercilessly mocked on Facebook after telling users not to ‘feed the beast’ of alternative news.

“When shared, disinformation can take on a life of its own, and have some serious consequences,” said HM Government.

Thousands of internet users replied mocking the post, with Sam Thompson asking: “Have you sent this warning to the BBC?”


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