I TOLD YOU SO: Raheem Kassam BLASTS Trump Over Failure To Address Big Tech Censorship

RAHEEM Kassam has blasted President Trump for his ‘failure’ to address big tech censorship that has led to the President losing the Presidential Election.

Mr Trump slammed Twitter for it’s meddling in Election and Censorship.

Kassam hit back: “It’s almost as if all of us were telling him that unless he intervened sooner, this would inevitably happen.”

The comments came after his close friend and colleague and former White House advisor Steve Bannon was suspended from YouTube and Twitter for making comments about infectious diseases expert Dr Fauci.

Fauci on Life After Coronavirus: We Should Never Shake Hands Again | Time

Widespread reports claimed that Mr Bannon has called for the ‘beheading’ of Dr Fauci, but Steve actually made a joke about ‘heads on pikes’ and did not directly call for the beheading of Dr Fauci, despite claims across the mainstream media.

The right-wing provocateur, who used the handle @warroompandemic, had ‘called for the beheading of Dr Anthony Fauci’ and FBI Director Christopher Wray on his talk show.

Steve Bannon's show pulled off Twitter and YouTube over calls for violence | TechCrunch

Kassam tweeted: “The left going after Steve for his “heads on pikes” joke today is a sign of how literal and anti-intellectual they have become. Anyone but the far left would’ve understood the tongue-in-cheek, ironic comment.

“I didn’t even bat an eyelid. No one would logically believe he was being violent or literals, and there’s nothing in his repertoire to suggest that that is his modus operandi.”

More follows.

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