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REVEALED: Chairman Mao Zuckerberg Is Sending Users To ‘Gulag’ For Expressing Political Thought

FACEBOOK users across the United Kingdom have reported that they are being ‘banned’ by the social network, simply for expressing political thought and mentioning the name of certain banned activist, Politicalite can reveal.

Users across the network have been inundating Politicalite with messages revealing that they have been banned by the site simply for having pictures with the banned right-wing activist who is facing jail this month, and most shockingly — one user, who ran a page with a reach of over FIFTEEN MILLION people, has had his page deleted and has been banned for posts that mentioned the censored activist.

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Last month, [CENSORED], 36 was banned from the site for so-called ‘Hate Speech’, despite being the most popular politician in the United Kingdom with a whopping ONE MILLION LIKES, connecting with the masses like the elites in the House of Commons could only dream of.

Now, anyone who mentions the activist on Facebook are reporting that they are being ‘suspended’ by the social network and are unable to communicate with friends or family, and many of the users, who are older people, have told us that Facebook is their only form of communication with a family who may have moved overseas, and are now being cut-off from the world.

Why? Simply for expressing political thought.

One source, who did not want to be named, told Politicalite that they had been banned simply for sharing a link to the said activist’s new website. “This isn’t wide-ranging, it’s a direct attack on anyone who mentions [CENSORED] [CENSORED]

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“I’m seeing dozens of friends banned simply for mentioning [CENSORED]‘s name or having a picture with [CENSORED].

“It’s crazy.” said the source.


A FACEBOOK page that mentioned [CENSORED [CENSORED] has also been BLOCKED by Facebook, leaving millions of connected users ‘disconnected’ from friends and political soulmates, without a place to express their political opinions, Politicalite can exclusively reveal.

The ‘political community hub’ page of British activist Luke Alexander, who is a keen ‘supporter’ of [CENSORED] [CENSORED], had a reach of over 18m people, but it was banned by Facebook over the weekend.

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Luke told Politicalite that he was ‘reaching 15 million people’ and said that he was banned in a ‘targeted attack’ by Facebook.

Thousands of users in the community hub have also been left in the dark. “I can’t even communicate with them,” says Luke, “someone told me to make a blog but I don’t know how to.”

“Everyone that followed me has just been left in the dark”


Luke revealed to Politicalite some of the messages from the social media firm that revealed that multiple posts on his page were ‘flagged’ by Facebook, and Luke claimed that none of the flagged posts went against Facebook’s community standards.

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He also claimed that he was a ‘blatant target’ and said the social media firm targeted content from A YEAR AGO, which had allegedly already been cleared by Facebook after previous complaints.

Luke told us that Facebook “Want their own narrative and nothing else.”

Whilst he was angry at Facebook’s decision to ban his hub, Mr Alexander also expressed sadness that people have been left disconnected.

He said: “It’s sad bro, because I get a lot of support, and praise… people telling me I’m brave ect and that, and every morning they jump on my profile like they get excited… It becomes part of someone’s days, giving people hope and showing that there are a load of us willing to stand up, regardless of the consequences.”

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We are in the process of contacting Facebook for comment. 

Chairman Mao Zuckerberg Is DESTROYING Facebook’s Ethos…If It Carries On, Facebook Will Be LOST For Ever

FOUNDED in 2004, Facebook’s mission “was to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together,” but now that its users have found that power, Facebook is taking it away due to political pressure.

Facebook was founded in the birthplace of free speech, the mighty United States and now the company, that changed the world and made us all connected and revolutionised how people communicate, is now ‘disconnecting’ people like Chairman Mao in Communist China, in fact, it seems that Facebook has become its own worst enemy and a ruthless dictatorship that sends its digital dissidents to its very own ‘gulag’ if they do not get in line.

People use Facebook to stay connected with friends and family, to discover what’s going on in the world, and to share and express what matters to them, now they are being denied that, which is sad.

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Come on, Chairman Mao Zuckerberg, go back to being that pioneering place that made you so great – and stop the persecution of users who simply express their own political beliefs.

UPDATE: Following This Article, Politicalite’s Editor Jordan James was handed a three-day ban. 

isn’t it IRONIC? Dontcha think? 

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