SOLDIERS Left OUTRAGED As Army Officially Calls Patriots ‘EXTREMISTS’

A VILE new leaflet and poster issued by the British army labeling all Patriots as ‘extremists’ and racists has caused outrage among soldiers, Politicalite can reveal. 

The leaflet, spurned-on by recent support from British soldiers for Tommy Robinson and by swarms of troops openly criticising anti-Patriot Comrade Corbyn, informs armed forces personnel on ‘how to spot extreme right wing individuals’ whom it disgracefully labels as ‘extremists’, islamaphobes, antisemites, and racists. 

“Extreme Right Wing (XRW)” the hugely disrespectful and dangerous leaflet takes for its title, going on to say “look out for individuals who…” and then providing a list of factors completely unproven and highly libelous to soldiers who love their country and to the millions of patriots across the country.

The disgraceful piece of army propaganda.

Some of the things that the official army leaflet warns its soldiers to look out for include individuals who “describe themselves as patriots”, “look at opponents as enemies”, “become increasingly angry at perceived injustices or threats to so-called national identity”, “involve colleagues in closed social media groups”, “refer to Political Correctness as some left wing or communist plot”, and “make inaccurate generalizations about the left or the government”.

Popular activist and social media figure Danny Tommo alerted Politicalite to the leaflet after seeing a tweet by Joseph Paul Watson before verifying the details himself.

Paul Joseph Watson tweeted-out about the scandal.

“I decided to do some digging” Danny told Politicalite. “I had a serving solider tell me that they are currently under strict instructions not to have any type of political views at all.”

“A lot of this came from when Tommy Robinson was pictured with the soldiers. They are attempting to use the extreme far right term to stop patriotism. I’m disgusted by this. If you’re going to teach soldiers about extremism it has to be about real extremism which includes extreme far left & Islamic extremism. But let’s be straight, that poster is totally insane. Describing yourself as a patriot does not in anyway shape or form make you an extremist!”

Politicalite contacted the British Armed Forces for an answer as to why they are promoting anti-patriotism and libelous accusations, but at the time of publication received no reply.

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