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THE PURGE: Avi Yemini ‘BANNED’ from Facebook For Mentioning [CENSORED] [CENSORED]

AUSSIE activist Avi Yemini has been BANNED by Facebook, for mentioning the name of a certain censored British activist.

The Aussie firebomb, who is a huge [CENSORED] supporter, came to Salford last month to take part in the hugely successful Panodrama protest.

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He took to Twitter from down under to reveal the temporary ban and said: “I am currently banned from posting directly to Facebook because I’ve mentioned [CENSORED] too many times.”

“They’re only letting me post via Instagram”

His ban comes just a week after [CENSORED] [CENSORED]’s Facebook page was deleted from Facebook and dozens of UKIP activists had their accounts DISABLED.

Even Politicalite got caught up in the ban with the site’s founder and editor unable to post updates for several hours.

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Avi will be joining news outlet ‘’ to fight the fake media.

Facebook did not respond to requests for comment.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jim R

    7 March 2019 at 16:44

    Cox’s decision to charge Tommy again with contempt taken together with this censorship of Avi, Tommy and the others are all that’s needed to show that there is a real wide ranging conspiracy to silence free speech in this country. Democracy itself is under severe pressure. None of this is coincidental.

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