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THE FAKE FAR RIGHT: The Establishments tag ‘Far-Right’ is a sinister ploy to silence genuine Working-Class concerns

THE LABOUR Party joined the Establishment voices earlier this week and attacked the Free Tommy movement sparking outrage among thousands of working-class people across Britian.

Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott and 50 fellow Labour MPs called on Brits to oppose the Free Tommy movement that is fast gathering momentum across the UK. Labour and its Unions claimed: “The far right in the UK is mobilising itself around protests over the imprisonment of the former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson.”

In a letter that was sent to the Guardian, they said that “a violent group of 15,000 far-right activists protested in support of Robinson in central London on 9 June” they also added that the protest “raised concerns for those who value diversity.”

“It is absolutely vital that all who oppose this come together in a united mass movement powerful enough to drive these new developments on the far right back. Donald Trump has played a major role in galvanising the racist right. We will take to the streets for the Together Against Trump demonstration coinciding with his visit on 13 July. And when Robinson’s supporters take to the streets again on 14 July, we will protest against them too.”

It’s ironic really, Labour lost the working mans vote long ago – after they shifted to the far-left. Just like in the 1980s, the Labour party has become obsessed with socialism and wants to keep the working man down, so he continues to vote for Labour – it didn’t work then, and it won’t work now. Jeremy Corbyn and his metropolitan elite front bench don’t have a clue about the concerns of the working class people across Britain.

I’m from a town in Greater Manchester, and I know all too well the effects of Islam and when former EDL leader Tommy Robinson spoke out against the effects of Islam on Britain… the British state tried to silence him. We know why, he knew too much, and now they’ve done it again.

Up here in the North – in working-class towns and cities like Rotherham, Rochdale, Bolton and Burnley, most white working classes and some non-Muslim ethnic people do not share the establishments view on Mr Robinson, Why? because we have been subjected to mass immigration on unprecedented levels that have changed the face of our towns and have been subjected to Muslim ghettos with giant Mosques added to the skyline of terraced houses and former mills, these are used as a way to stamp dominance over the local community.

Labour attacked the working-class Free Tommy movement becasue they don’t have to deal with the effects of Muslim Child-Rape Gangs and the failures of Multiculturism in our working-class towns and cities. They don’t have to live beside ghettos of Muslims that refuse to integrate with the wider society around them.

Our local high streets once filled with British business have now been turned into little-Pakistan with multiple Muslim-owned Halal takeaways and stores and on those streets, Hard-Line Muslims have purchased Pubs and closed them down – as drinking Alcohol is Haram.

It isn’t racist to say that, I’m simply saying what I see. I used to scared of being branded “Far-Right” and “Racist” but I no longer am, because I know deep-down that I’m not. That is just how the establishment prevents us from talking about the key issues such as Muslim Grooming Gangs, Terror and Immigration.

You may say I’m racist to say that, but how can I be? As a mixed-raced Jamaican man, I know all about racism. I’ve dealt with it all my life.

My Jamaican grandparents came to Britain as part of the Windrush generation and worked hard to build Britain back up again, they didn’t stick to their own kind, they integrated and became a respected part of their community.

My father didn’t stick to his own kind when he fell in love with my white mother but just as Tommy Robinson revealed in his Oxford Union speech, Muslims are not allowed to integrate with people of a different Religion or Race.

Tommy Robinson, former English Defence League leader speaking at the Oxford Union, Oxford,UK

He spoke of his childhood and his Muslim friend who was seeing his girlfriend friend Lisa. His Muslim friend was forced to stop seeing Lisa after the Muslim lads family went to Lisa’s house and threatened her family to say they couldn’t see or speak to each other.

Islam is an inherently racist and violent religion just by the experience Tommy revealed, we get a glimpse into the life of a young Muslim boy who was forced to stop seeing the girl he loved and if anyone speaks up against The Establishment’s appeasement of Islam we are branded “Far Right” racists.

Texas-based Author Francis Meyrick said in 2016: “The Establishments treatment of Robinson is disgusting. British Police Forces run scared of offending the Muslim community.

When Muslim youths are arrested, it can instantly result in hundreds of screaming Muslim Radicals baying for blood outside the Police Station. Result? In the interest of “public safety” or “community relations”, the Muslim offender is released without charge. This is not applied to local white lads, such as Tommy and the former EDL lads. The treatment of Tommy and his supporters is barbaric”

The Establishment has tried everything they could to harass Tommy Robinson and his family, they have tried to break his businesses, tried to expose him to extreme physical danger, tried to frame him, and have tried with a complicit media paint him and his friends as ‘Far Right’ raving lunatics.

Both the cops and the British Media have consistently painted Tommy Robinson and his fans in the most unfavourable light possible. They ignored the fact that he clearly surrounded himself with black friends, Hindus, Sikhs and even moderate Muslims.

It beggars belief that Tommy Robinson has been consistently labelled a ‘racist’ when he clearly bent over backwards to keep fanatical extremists on both sides of the political spectrum OUT of his former movement.

The Establishment and British politicians, have demonstrated an appalling disregard for the writing on the wall, and there is clear evidence of wildly disparate policing of different communities.

UK policy at times resembles a mad rush to facilitate the smooth take-over of British culture by Shariah Law as quickly as possible.

Minor little details such as massive evidence of Muslims gangs grooming young white girls on a borderline industrial scale is ignored. Pesky details such as rampant criminal Muslim gangs -ignored.

Drug dealing from ‘fronts’ such as Muslim shops is swept under the carpet.

What is essentially ‘ethnic cleansing’ of whole neighbourhoods and towns by the Muslims is either ignored or denied. Those who point this festering sore out are simply labelled as “Extreme Right” Fascists.

Peaceful protest marches by EDL and now the Football Lads Alliance infiltrated by troublemakers is framed, set up, and laughably misreported by the Media and the Police.

Vast sums of monies -millions- flowing in from shadowy overseas organisations, to fund ever grander -in your face- Mosques and Prayer houses as symbols of their conquest and unassailable political strength are -incredibly- supported by further lavish taxpayer funds.

As if you can buy their affection. Massive evidence that Muslim immigrants stay overwhelmingly on Welfare, do not contribute meaningfully to the economy, are a drain on the Welfare Budget – whitewashed.

Massive evidence that they will pass off multiple wives as ‘single mothers’ with large families, (each allocated limited supply council homes) is greeted with howls of indignation.

Each spineless politician trying to outdo the next in his teeth gnashing fury at Tommy Robinson and co..

The policy of the Government seems to be emulating the proverbial ostrich with an energy bordering on the manic. Look the other way, mouth platitudes, and keep trotting out the same failed policies, that amount to bribery of the Muslim invaders.

It won’t work. An appeaser, as Winston Churchill famously said, is one who feeds the crocodile, hoping it will eat him last. This is Britain’s 1939, and the new Neville Chamberlains are fearfully trying to sweet talk the new Hitler into peace and eternal friendship. It didn’t work then for Nazism, and it didn’t work today for Radical Islam.

Tommy Robinson is a great man, with his failings (which he refreshingly admits) (any man who is free from sin may cast the first stone) who loves his country and the people he grew up with. Yes, the Blacks, Sikhs, Hindus, Jamaicans, etc, he surrounds himself with in public.

He wrote a great book, (Enemy of the State) in simple language, with the clear ring of honesty. Funny as well, in places. Before you allow yourself to be misled by the plethora of corrupt Media attempts to label this man as an Extreme Right Wing Fruitcake, who deserves all the misery heaped upon him and his family, I suggest you take time out, and read this man’s story. You might just find it to be a page-turner.”



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