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NOT FAR RIGHT… JUST RIGHT: Hope Not Hate ADMITS The So-Called ‘Far Right’ Have A Point About Everything

THE DUMB Leftards over at Hope Not Hate have finally realised that those they slander as ‘far-right’ have a point about everything they have been saying for decades… it only took them SIX years to realise it though.

The George Soros funded organisation has published a new ‘report’ via the Guardian (tasty) that supposedly ‘exposes’ just how divided Britain really is… and what are the key problems for divided Britain I hear you ask?




Yes, the folks at Hope Not Hate have admitted defeat and realised us working-class folks were fucking right about everything we’ve been banging on about for DECADES.

Sensing a loss of ground over Britain’s embracing of working-class hero Tommy Robinson, the Hope Not Hate brigade are now trying to be ‘woke’ and lure us all back from woke af real right.

HNH said: “We expose the divided nature of the country, where many communities have been let down by successive governments.” … really? you’re exposing this are ya?

They admit: “Britain is hugely divided across cultural, age and education lines, a major study of national attitudes has concluded, warning of a potential rise in far-right and anti-Islam sentiments unless politicians tackle long-standing disaffections behind the Brexit vote.”

The clever f*ckers then reveal, (like they’ve just discovered fire) “That there is a particular chasm between people living in affluent, multicultural cities and those from struggling post-industrial towns.” (I think they copied these statements from tbh)

They then say they “uncover” the “geographic splits” between people of varying attitudes and ‘reveal’ that we have an opposition to immigration and multiculturalism and blame… yes, you guessed it… economic deprivation.

It found that of the 100 areas where people were most likely to oppose immigration, all were in towns or on the outskirts of cities, with 93 of them in the Midlands or north of England.

In contrast, the 100 areas most linked with what the report calls the “confident multicultural” population were all in major cities or close to universities, with 90% of them within a few hundred metres of a university.

On Islam, the report ‘found’ that following a series of terror attacks by Radical Islamists in 2017, and media coverage of sexual grooming gangs in places such as Rotherham – that we are becoming MORE opposed to Islam.

The most recent polling by the group, of more than 10,000 people in July, found 32% of people believed there were Muslim “no-go areas” in Britain governed by Sharia law, a view endorsed by 49% of leave voters in the Brexit referendum.

It really took Hope Not Hate SIX years to figure out the views of the working class?


I don’t believe this for a second, because for the past few years the Hope Not Hate bunch have been attacking anyone who said the things they have now revealed in their so-called ‘woke’ report.

We don’t need a report to tell us this, we’ve known it for decades, Politicalite among others have been banging on about this stuff for nearly two years… but it’s nice for them to finally admit defeat.

Turns out, all you ‘horrible racists’ aren’t really racists or Far Right, you are JUST RIGHT.

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