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AMEDEO VARRIALE: Britain should not be giving aid to strong competitors like India

BRITAIN giving foreign aid to strong competitors like India is ALWAYS a bad idea and British taxpayers are not very happy to find out that their hard-earned tax pounds are now going to another nation under the justification of ‘foreign aid.’

Almost £100 million in UK aid is going to India- one of Britain’s biggest competitors in the global market. The Daily Mail, Daily Express and other conservative-led outlets have already denounced the shambles. They have said its a complete waste of cash but have perhaps been too cautious and generic in explaining why. So let me explain.

Splashing money out to the Indians could be potentially self-damaging in the near future. Mainly, this is because India, like China, but to a lesser degree, is still a huge threat to the international status quo. What is meant by “status quo” in this case, is the international natural order that has for so long economically benefited the greater Atlantic alliance, and the greatest market-oriented democracies; Britain and the United States. India, which is currently an incredibly advanced economic powerhouse, does not need British money.

Whatever domestic problems they might have regarding elitism and unfairness are their very own problems, that should be naturally dealt with by their own government. India can surely do this on its own, as they have one of the fastest growing economies, with an annual growth of 7% a year. India is not only competitive economically but also robust militarily, as it holds a prime in largest global importer of weapons, and at the same time, is obviously a nuclear power. Interestingly, a nuclear power that has never signed the treaty of non-proliferation and the nuclear test ban treaty.

One has to recognise that India has been in constant tension with Pakistan over the years, has often expressed distrust for its neighbours, and has sometimes even shown to predispose for a form of hostility against its former colonisers (the British). Therefore, India simply cannot be trusted completely. They are known for strategically experimenting with different political ties and countries while never overcommitting. This could be potentially dangerous.

It can be good to trade with these Asian emerging powers once Britain definitely leaves the European Union. However, this needs to be done cautiously, as they are aware that Britain will be in a delicate position looking for friends overseas after its ‘European break-up’, and they will attempt to use that to their advantage.

Additionally, post-Brexit Britain will, of course, have the challenge of understanding where exactly India stands in regards to the Chinese and Russian questions. At this moment, believe it or not, the monopolisation of global capitalism by China and India is more of a peril than a few empty threats made by Brussels. With certainty, that India and China both have economic imperialistic ambitions. We have seen this not long ago with India especially, as they funded their new space program.

This situation with foreign aid has clearly degenerated in Britain. Taxpayer’s hard-earned money should not go to others as it is needed here in Britain to help direct this new vision of the country outside of the EU. We need to move our own economy forward knowing there is a possibility of a no-deal scenario. We need to spend more on defence, focus on improving our NHS system, while also providing a better education for the children who are already the future; the flesh and blood of this nation.

There is so much to do here at home, and our government has the responsibility of prioritising British people, before caring about anyone else. India can wait. The British can’t.

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