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COMMENT: Britain Needs You, Prime Minister




BRITAIN is facing the biggest crisis since the Second World War; some say it’s even worse. Thousands of Britons are dying daily in their homes, in hospitals and in care homes. FIFTEEN THOUSAND Britons have died from Coronavirus, yet our Prime Minister is hiding away in his luxury country retreat, no where to be seen. 

As much as we love our Brexiteer in chief, Boris is failing the very country that handed him a landslide.

The Economy is set to fail; millions are unemployed and on welfare, the people need their Prime Minister – even if it’s a short television message.

The left wing cabal of fake news hacks is winning the argument right now and the longer the PM hides away in his luxury retreat while millions suffer, the deeper his poll ratings will fall.

Boris cannot be seen to be hiding away from hard graft, he cannot duck the nations biggest challenge. He has the top job and now he must step up.


The Cabinet can do the heavy lifting, but the British people need to see the people’s Prime Minister.

The nation understands the Prime Minister is recovering from mild coronavirus, but he needs to be seen – even if that’s simply via a television address, a video message or social media posts.

HM Queen Elizabeth gave a stirring message to the nation two weeks ago, now our Prime Minister Boris Johnson needs to do the same.

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