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COMMENT: Don’t Attack Muslims For Celebrating Eid Amid Covid, We Need MORE Lockdown Rebels!  

MUSLIMS are being attacked on social media following a rise in the Indian variant of the Covid-19 virus that has been reported across Northern towns in the UK as they celebrate two-days of Eid celebrations.

Far-right social media influencers and bigots are falsely claiming that there is “One rule for Muslims” after some of the UK’s three-million Muslims celebrated Eid with smaller family gatherings, meals and celebrations following the holy month of Ramadan.

Billa Ahmed, a leading Muslim community leader in Bolton – one of the areas in the UK with a cluster of the VUI-21APR-03 Indian strain of Covid hit back at trolls pinning blame on Muslims.

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The Homeless Aid UK charity boss – that helped to feed the needy at Christmas, branded critics ‘bigots’ on social media and compared Eid to Christmas.

“Don’t go blaming Eid day for the spread of the virus, This was happening well before the Eid day celebration.” said Billa.

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“Remember Christmas day when the government [sic] allowed you to mix on the same day in a middle of a pandemic when all other religious festivals were [sic] cancelled for all religions throughout the year.” he added.

We think he’s right. 

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More of us should be embracing freedom and festivities like our Muslim friends who are celebrating Eid – life must continue and we must learn to live with COVID-19 without draconian restrictions on our Western way of life. 

Muslims are not to blame, the UK Government could be blamed for failing to stop the spread of the Indian variant – by neglecting to secure Britain’s borders and stop travel to places like Pakistan and India – leaving the door open to more Covid misery and now local lockdowns could be just around the Korma. 

The UK Government knew about the new variant in April, but decided to play down the issue due to the local election campaign. 

Now that the Tories have won a massive victory in the local elections, there is talk of local lockdowns in places like Bolton and Blackburn with SAGE (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies) suggesting the UK’s Freedom Day on June 21st should be abandoned – but Boris Johnson must hold firm and allow all Brits all to return to a sense of normal. 

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There is no reason to slow down the path to freedom or plunge hard-hit communities with yet more ludicrous lockdowns. 

The rapid rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine programme – now available to under-25s in Indian-variant hotspots and mass-testing means lockdowns are not the answer, and are not needed. 

Boris should ignore the naysayers and prove he is a man of his word. He must show the new variant of working-class Tory voters that he can be trusted on his promise to free us from constant lockdowns and COVID restrictions, or his newly won-over voters may hold him to it at the next General Election. 


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