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COMMENT: Northern ‘Voice of Brexit’ Expresses ANGER Over ‘Democracy Betrayed’

I CANNOT recall a time when politicians, be it our Government, Parliament or House of Lords have shown such complete and utter contempt for the voters.

I didn’t mention the EU commission as they’ve got form for this.

They’ve spent the last two years arguing amongst themselves about what ‘they’ want Brexit to be (none existent in most cases) and to hell with the electorate who voted to leave the EU and all its institutions.

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If it wasn’t so destructive it’d be quite amusing watching the party leaders trying to prod the other into hitting the Stop button on Brexit no doubt hoping to claim ‘wasn’t me gov wuz them’. But now they’ve again voted against precedent for Yvette Cooper’s Brexit bombing bill by 1 vote (that’s enough for them) to ensure we’re to remain in EU purgatory in perpetuity.

At the time of writing, they are voting but I think we can guess the outcome. That this flies in the face of not only of what the promised but what they voted for when overwhelmingly passing article 50. But it wasn’t it leave campaigners who sold false promises and leave voters who didn’t know what they were voting for? You couldn’t make this stuff up.

As for the ‘people’s vote’ so championed by those that insisted that Parliament, who can’t agree, must have the ‘final say’. Look how they revelled in it when it was admitted that the result of the biggest democratic exercise in British history had no legal standing, it was the most expensive opinion poll in history apparently.

But now the people know what leaving the EU entails they must be asked again’ in a vote no doubt contrived to ensure remain wins. I think people got the message that leaving the EU means ‘we won’t let you.’ Funny how all the people claiming people have changed their minds haven’t themselves and yes people do have the right to change their minds and the referendum 2016 was just that, voters changing their mind from the last EU referendum.

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To all those demanding a second referendum with the option not to implement the outcome of the first one (irony clearly lost), I was just a kid when the UK voted in 1975, you know not old enough to vote but young enough to count.

My parents voted against it predicting it would turn into a corporatist political union and that we’d forever be handing over more and more power to unelected bureaucrats, they were clearly on to something.

Their kids had to grow up living with the consequences of a vote that they hated. However, they would never have daubed our faces with flags and slogans or sent us out protesting with placards supporting their views. In those days that would have been viewed as a form of abuse by imposing your views and not allowing your kids to form their own, they were weird back then. Like all the grown ups then they had to buckle up and accept it after all it was a ‘once in a generation vote’ if referendums weren’t how could the ever bring about change. But for those that cannot accept it take some consolation that if we do remain a democracy and manage to leave the EU in 40 odd years your kids can go and vote to rejoin the EU if that’s what they want and hopefully a group of salty, overly privileged anti-democrats won’t do everything in their power to try and upend it.

That leaving the EU is all going to be a disaster is opinion, largely driven by a huge propaganda machine with lot’s of vested interest in keeping us in the EU and in any case irrelevant. We voted out for good or bad that’s our right. Lot’s of people (the same ones driving project fear incidentally) think if Corbyn gets into power he’ll destroy the economy and we’ll end up like Venezuela but if that’s the Government the voters want then that’s democracy.

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It’s not perfect but it’s the best we have. They should beware of setting precedents, like weapons they’ll eventually be used against you. Something I have noticed about the most embittered remainiacs is their lack of foresight. It’s all about getting what you want now and not thinking of the consequences of what you damaged to get it. Quite childlike really.

After voting in the referendum millions said ‘this is the first vote in my lifetime where I feel it’s really made a difference’. That people felt this way was reported in all the papers, news reports in Parliament everywhere hence all the promises to respect and implement the result by those in need of our votes. Yet ever since securing those votes our elected representatives have done to everything in their power to ensure ‘you will not make a difference’

Despite most of them taking part in the campaign and contributing in no small part to the information available to voters to make their decision, they have told us not only which headline we saw, which if any debate or news new report we watched and which newspaper columns we read but also how we interpreted that information and what we didn’t hear too! They’ve told us what social and cultural grievances we were carrying with us to the ballot box that led to us make ‘the wrong choice.’ Talk about depriving us of our own agency.

By undermining and blatantly seeking to wreck Brexit they have, right before our eyes, sought to rob us of our voice and our place in creating political change.

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The saddest thing is they could have said to themselves and those unable to accept the result. ‘We sit it Parliament not only with the permission of the monarch but by the electorate who voted for us to temporarily have the power to legislate or their behalf. By taking part in the campaign and voting in the referendum we, and indeed you, agreed to its terms and the result. We are first and foremost democrats, it’s democracy that puts us where we are so it would be a betrayal not only of those that voted leave but every person who has ever voted in any referendum or election for us not to uphold that result in full. No watering it down, pretending it was invalid, looking for excuses to ignore it. If we were unable to make a good enough case to convince a majority to remain in the EU then so be it. Democracy will always trump yours and indeed our feelings.’

They clearly require that we lower our expectations.

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