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COMMENT: Oliver Cromwell would turn in his grave at the treatment of Tommy Robinson

EDITORS NOTE: This Article Was Originally Published On May 25th, 2018

THE arrest and jail sentence of Tommy Robinson, a journalist and political activist, shows Britain is no longer a country of free speech. 

A sad turn in the national discourse of Britain – a nation that fought for her rights to freedom and free speech.

The likes of Oliver Cromwell would turn in their grave at the direction our country is taking.

I want to take you back to 17th century England for a moment, freedom of speech is not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the late middle ages. But the similarities between the ‘Stocks of Libel’ and Today’s free speech police have a strikingly eerie parallel.

In 1633 a man called William Prynne, an English pamphleteer had his earlobes chopped off, was placed in the stocks in Westminster and had his cheeks branded with S.C. (Salacious Libelor) after he criticised King George I.

He was sentenced to life imprisonment and was persecuted by the British Government and placed in the Tower of London but he still spread his message to the people from behind the Towers walls leading to the English civil war of 1642.

17th century England witnessed an explosion of radical political dissent that involved common people engaging in political debate and challenging their elitist masters, we beheaded our King and abolished the Monarchy – though we brought back the Constitutional monarchy with a fully elected lower chamber.

Tommy Robinson is the common man and in today’s Britain, he is being branded a ‘Salicious truth speaker’ at the hands of the elitist state.

If we are not allowed to express our political thoughts and beliefs or report on them, you may as well chop off our earlobes and put us in the stocks.

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