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COMMENT: The Government MUST DEAL with Radical Islam After The Killing of Sir David Amess

FIVE Years ago, Politicalite and UKIP began highlighting the problem with Radical Islam and the issues it was causing the UK.

After more than a decade of attacks on freedom and democracy in the West, including dozens of incidents in the UK – from the 7/7 attacks to the Manchester Arena Bombing, many called on the Establishment to do something about the biggest threat to our freedom and our democracy.

Yet, instead of the Establishment listening to the warnings, they, along with the media labelled anyone who dared raise the issue an Islamophobe and lumped them in with the nasty far-right. Now, after a suspected Radical Islamist killed a well-loved and well-respected Tory MP David Amess on Friday, we can no longer ignore the problem, and the Establishment must listen.

It’s time Britain got tough on the real extremists and terrorists that are hellbent on trying to destroy our way of life, instead of attacking those who simply want to preserve Western values and freedom. The Conservatives must take a lesson from their own name, and start conserving British Democracy.

It’s time they stopped mollycoddling Radical Islamist extremists with the failed Prevent system that rewards those who wish to harm us. Prevent is failing to prevent attacks.

Armed police to patrol London after deadly terror attack | The Times of  Israel

It’s time the Government took a leaf out of America’s book, who after the horrific 9/11 attacks, cracked down on anyone in their country who wished to carry out another attack. The United States used the full apparatus of the Federal Government and law agencies on those who sought to harm Americans, and they haven’t had another attack on the scale of 9/11.

America is under attack': Reliving the Secret Service response on 9/11:  OPINION - ABC News

Dealing with Islamic Extremists doesn’t make us Islamophobes – and it doesn’t mean tarring all Muslims with the terrorist brush. That isn’t the right way, but more MPs must be vocal about Radical Islam and the sick and twisted preachers that are promoting this stuff to young vulnerable minorities in the UK.

The Government and Police have been more heavy-handed with the so-called ‘far-right’ and anyone who mentions Radical Islam than the radical so-called ‘Muslims’ that are attacking the British way of life.

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Anyone who opposes Radical Islam is branded a “thug” or a “bovver boy” by the Government, whilst MI5 pampers Extremists with Prevent, which isn’t going to protect more innocent people from being slain by the real thugs in our society.

MI5 and police partly to blame for radicalisation – say four in 10 British  Muslims

No one wants to see Muslims rounded up like Jews in Nazi Germany, but Muslim communities need to be more vocal in opposing Jihad and Radical Islam and its teachings in Mosques around the UK instead of screaming Islamophobia. All this “light a candle and pray” doesn’t work, as a Nation, we have become scared to mention the Halal pig in the room out of fear of offending, but we have to be free to debate the issue and fix it, rather than sweeping it under the carpet.

But how do we do that? Integration is key – we have to ensure that peaceful Muslims feel like they belong in the UK – that they are a part of our vibrant history and our multi-cultural society so that susceptible young Muslim minds aren’t drawn to the likes of Isis.

A UKIP spokesperson on the issue told Politicalite last night that the Government is “failing in its responsibility to protect its own people,” and called on the Government to act.

“Our borders are completely porous with government agencies ushering in unchecked migrants in the hundreds every day of the week.” said the spokesperson.

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“Extremism isn’t something that’s just invading us, it’s now being bred here whilst every single UK political party sleep walks through the issue.”

“We were right before and we’re still right now. How many more must be needlessly slaughtered on our streets before the Tory Party acts?”

It’s a question that many Brits are still asking.

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