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COMMENT: This Morning MUST DEAL with its lying daytime golden boy, viewers won’t forget 

THIS Morning must deal with its lying golden-boy Phillip Schofield – who has become “untouchable” when it comes to his lies. Enough is enough, Britain is tired of being lied to. 

30,000 people have signed a petition to sack him, and 95% don’t believe This Morning’s spin on the Queue for the Queen jumping row. It is just another shining example of the media industry’s disdain for the people who help it profit and the cover-ups that take place.

You can understand why, This Morning is a multi-million pound cash-cow for ITV. It’s not just advertising revenue that the programme benefits from, it’s also got merchandising deals with some of the UK’s biggest brands, plus promotional and product placement deals worth millions – akin to NBC’s multi-million dollar cash-cow The Today Show in America.

That is also a programme which faced controversy with the Matt Lauer sex abuse scandal that rocked U.S. daytime telly to its core in 2017. Yet the Today show survived, and is more popular than ever.

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This Morning is also no stranger to controversy. The reason Phillip Schofield landed the gig in 2002 is because former ITV presenter John Leslie was named as the alleged rapist of Ulrika Jonsson – an allegation Leslie denies.

Fern Britton and John Leslie on This Morning in 2002 – CREDIT: Granada Television

He came in as ITV’s daytime savoir, and for a while he was a real hit – Phillip and Fern Britton’s natural chemistry made This Morning a joy to watch and won them countless National Television Awards, but there is a “darker” side to Schofe.

After almost twenty years at the top, another bombshell sex scandal rocked the programme in 2020 – when a young lad was allegedly groomed by Phillip Schofield, his name is Mathew Mcgreevy and WE told his story. 

Yet the mainstream media, and ITV have been complicit in covering up yet another alleged sex and grooming scandal in television.

Have we learnt nothing from Jimmy Savile row? Are we going to allow ITV to continue to sweep a culture of lying, cover-ups and deceit under the carpet? 

No, we think it’s time for a change at ITV Daytime. It’s time ITV handed Philip his multi-coloured dreamcoat and kicked him back to the West End. 

Politicalite has reached out to ITV for comment.


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