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COMMENT: Tommy Robinson’s Time Has Come

SO MANY words are written about Winston Churchill: saviour in our darkest hour, or an imperialist to left-wing revisionists. Well, no leading figure in history has an unblemished record. But perhaps the current malaise of our Establishment is too deep to be dredged by a politician, even if we had someone of Churchillian resolve.

Controversially, in 1899 a statue of a man on horseback was erected outside the Houses of Parliament. Oliver Cromwell, whose ‘military achievements ensured the permanent defeat of monarchical absolutism and the survival of English parliamentary institutions’ (Everyman Encyclopaedia) is regarded by some as a despot who shouldn’t be honoured by the state. But why did Cromwell and the Civil War happen? Because of a corrupt, self-serving tyranny that lorded over the lesser mortals.

History shows that sometimes discontinuous change is necessary. The election of Donald Trump is having considerably more impact on the American political system than our protracted turmoil with Brexit. While Trump has been opposed at every turn by the Washington administration, he has really begun to ‘drain the swamp’. The USA, for better or worse, is changing quite dramatically, but in Britain it’s business as usual. Predictably, the political class will be unchanged when we leave the EU, and our status as a country will be mostly unchanged too.

Nonetheless, there is rumbling discontent in our land, for which Brexit was an expression. The behaviour of the political establishment since the referendum has confirmed what people already suspected: those upstairs don’t care about us. If those in power can frustrate the will of the people in a plebiscite of promised implementation, what can’t they do?

Oliver Cromwell, the great Protector, was a complicated character. But he was undoubtedly a force for the good in securing our democracy, freedom of speech and equality before the law. Freedoms that are being systematically dismantled by a petty, patronising polity that wants to relegate the people to child-like dependence. Most people have accepted their lot: they may worry about mass immigration or the relentless rise of Islam, but nothing can be done. There are social, occupational and economic consequences for anyone who challenges authority.

And so we come to Tommy Robinson. Perhaps in naive civility, I have always respected the state, the police, the rule of law and (generally) the media.. But when this popular activist was summarily jailed for reporting on the Muslim rape gangs that ravaged thousands of poor white girls, I shuddered in realisation. The organs of state are being used against the ordinary people, in whose common sense it is obvious that Tommy Robinson is exposing not only the sexual abuse but also a disgraceful cover-up by the institutions that should protect us. He speaks truth to power.

After yet another deferral of his court case this week, Tommy Robinson gave a powerful, passionate speech to his thousands of followers. His support is increasing, as the man depicted as a far-right thug is seen instead as an inspiring, principled person who refuses to be silenced.

His strongest oratory was aimed at the mainstream media, accusing the nearby posse of reporters of lying. ‘You are hated; you are the enemies of the people’.

The press and BBC have shown contempt for the working class. Obsessing with the #MeToo movement, they splashed on a middle-class publicity seeker named Kate Maltby alleging that her knee was touched under the table by a MP several years ago.


Meanwhile the industrial-scale rape of young girls by monstrous marauders in Telford, Rotherham, Banbury, Oldham, Huddersfield, Newcastle and Anytown is relegated to a snippet on page 5. And the attackers are vaguely described as ‘Asian’, despite the fact that they are almost always Muslim and mainly of Pakistani origin. Yet the religion of positive role models such as cricketer Mooen Ali or the bake-off winner Nadiya Hussain is highlighted (leading to online comments such as ‘Muslim when they bake, Asian when they rape’).

After leaving the Old Bailey, Tommy Robinson was taken for lunch at the House of Lords by two exceptional politicians. Unlike any MPs in the House of Commons, Lord Pearson and UKIP leader Gerard Batten advocated for a man who polite society would rather not hear of. Indeed, Lord Pearson may have saved Tommy Robinson’s life by making it very clear that if he were killed by Muslim prisoners the government would have blood on its hands.

The three men stood for a photograph with Cromwell’s statue behind. How fitting. Some will urge Tommy Robinson to stand for election, riding on a populist wave. It’s certainly possible he’d win, despite a huge operation of dirty tricks against him. Consider Shiney Row in Sunderland, where an almost unknown Populist Party got 13.5% in a council election earlier this year. The once-omnipotent Labour Party is now detested by many of its former working-class supporters.

Rather than being bogged down in local campaigning and the responsibilities to citizens where he elected, Tommy Robinson should remain an outsider. Shortly he will begin a tour of the towns and cities of the Midlands and North where the rape gangs festered, and probably continue to fester. He will draw vast crowds, and although the media will try to ignore these events, more and more people will realise that this brave man is on the side of justice, while the state and its media lackeys are complicit in neglect and abuse.

Heads must roll for the biggest scandal in modern social history. As latter-day Oliver Cromwell, Tommy Robinson’s time has come.



  1. Brett

    October 27, 2018 at 09:50

    If anyones time has come, it is the politicans and the left wing crazies who are responsible for all the issues Tommy has protested against.
    Tick tock, tick tock.

  2. Alan Booker

    October 27, 2018 at 09:53

    An inspiration. God bless you Tom

  3. Karen Burnett

    October 27, 2018 at 12:35

    Tommy Robinson should be Knighted. He should be ennobled and awarded the Order of the Garter – And any other significant award for outstanding service to the people at great self sacrifice. Do it, England.

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  5. skipper

    November 4, 2018 at 20:22

    Niall McCrae – this article is one of the best I have read for years!
    Everything you have written here, I have no doubt, is what millions of British – and also other European citizens – are thinking and feeling!
    Extremely powerful article, and spot-on, down to every single word!
    There need to be a massive alteration of British politics and path forward.
    The traitorous politicians currently sitting must all be forced to march out through the gates, where the people will decide who shall be dipped in tar and rolled in feathers, and bask away in disgrace!
    Long live Tommy – as well as brave realists like Pearson, Batten and likeminded heroes!
    They will restore the country to former order, ethics, morale and honour!

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