COMMENT: Tommy Woke Up A Nation, For The Sake of Britain FREE HIM!

TOMMY Robinson is a man who has been speaking up for Britain since the late 2000s. He’s been stitched up by the State, The Police, The Court System, Labour and Tory Governments but his last stitch up was the straw that broke the camels back.

Britain revolted at revolting Treason May, there was panic on the streets of London with protesters storming the streets of Downing Street, and Police officers were chased off Whitehall by angry protesters, we won’t take this lying down anymore.

Tommy’s arrest may have angered us all, but it has done something not seen in this country before, it has brought the working-classes together like never before.

After years of being disenfranchised by out-of-touch MPs, we have got our voice back. 15,000 of you went down to London to fight for freedom, and fight for Tommy.

The Tommy case has shown just how out-of-touch our elites are, not one MP has stood up for Tommy, as the great Paul Joseph Watson would say, let that sink in and NEVER forget this when it comes to polling day.

The only party and politician to back Tommy has been UKIP and its leader Gerard Batten.

Mr Robinson’s arrest in May 2018 changed Britain forever, no longer would the little people stand by whilst the only man who spoke for us and to us was jailed by the corrupt British state.

The elites turned our newspapers against us, they got the Mainstream Media to smear us, and now they have no real power left, because they can’t control our minds anymore.

The Elites in the Labour and Tory parties are laughing at us, they think we are idiots, they think Tommy counts for nothing. Well, not one of those corrupt Bastards can get 15,000 working-class Britons on the streets in support of them, not one of them and if Tommy Robinson fails to receive justice today, they will unleash something that not even we can imagine.

For the sake of Britain, FREE our working-class hero Tommy Robinson!

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. pauline allgood

    July 31, 2018 at 22:38

    free tommy robinson he done nothing wrong

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