HOUSE OF CUCKS: Burqa Supporting Tory MPs prove UKIP are the only party backing the British people

BORIS Johnson did something unthinkable this week, he said something that the British people have been too afraid to say for years, he attacked the vile and oppressive Islamic Burqa.

Boris was hailed as a hero across working-class Britain, and 98% of Politicalite’s readers agreed with based Boris.

There were calls for ‘Boris For PM’ on Social Media, 90% of the comments were positive, that’s a very hard thing to do in our divided age, but the incompetent and out-of-touch Tories who are obsessed with Liberal London Bubble ‘Political Correctness’ and ‘Virtue Signalling’ attacked the only man who can save their dying party.

Muslim Appeaser Theresa attacked BoJo, The weak and unstable prime minister said the former foreign secretary’s comments had “clearly caused offence” and she called on him to apologise as Tory Wets and Labour lefties plus their chums in the Mainstream Media created a ‘fake controversy’ over his honest and factually correct statement.

Her intervention followed a wave of anger from senior Cuckservatives, including Tory chairman Brandon Lewis.

Scottish Tory leader even claimed that “Burkas are like wearing a crucifix and should be defended.” Yes, really.

Tory critics crossed the floor and joined out-of-touch Corbynite MPs and slammed Mr Johnson’s remarks as ‘Islamophobic’ and accused him of partaking in ‘dog-whistle’ politics to stoke a future populist leadership bid.

Britain agreed with Boris, for the first time since the glory days of the 1980s, millions of working-class Brits backed a Tory! and what did the Tories do? They rejected us and sneered at us.

I’m a former Tory, but I came over to the purple patriots earlier this year after the Tories cracked down on Free speech and jailed our Tommy.

The Tories have sealed their fate now, they aren’t the party of the British Patriots or the British working man, they are the party of Greedy Globalists, Bankers and Saudi Billionaires.

So what do we do about this? It’s pretty simple. We don’t vote for them, we don’t support them and we make sure we back the only man and the only party that stands up for Britain, UKIP and Gerard Batten.

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