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Ian Adamczyk: The Establishment Enemies Of The People

IT’S time people knew that the government, the opposition, mainstream media and the police are the enemy of the people.

Just take a look around you, take a close look at what is happening in the UK right now.

The double standards and hypocrisy of the establishment are there for us all to see if you’re looking closely enough.

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Since the country voted to leave the European Union in June 2016 we have been witnessing a concentrated effort to delay and thwart Brexit.

After the votes were counted, at least David Cameron did the honourable thing and scurried off into the wilderness with his tail between his legs knowing that he had been defeated and had nowhere to go, but he was replaced with a remainer who went on to fill her cabinet with remainers that are intent on keeping us tied to the corrupt political union because they all have vested interests.

The country is being betrayed, democracy is being betrayed and the democratic will of our people is being subverted.

Everyone is tired of the theatre that is being played out, everyone has had enough of the delay tactics being used by Theresa the Appeaser to derail our Brexit vote. She campaigned to remain for crying out load yet this abhorrent woman was put in charge of negotiating a deal to take us out of the European Union?

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We didn’t vote for a deal, we didn’t vote for a Withdrawal Agreement and we certainly didn’t vote for negotiations on our future relationship with unelected bureaucrats that operate a dictatorship.

We voted to leave the European Union, we voted to take back our sovereignty, we voted to exit the single market, we voted to leave the customs union and we voted to secure and control our borders and immigration policies again.

But the truth is the establishment and our MP’s don’t want that to happen, they don’t want secure borders, their hands are tied by large corporations and big business who lobby the government, they don’t want an end to illegal immigration and they don’t want to prevent hundreds of thousands of people entering this country year after year because they facilitate the cheap labour workforce as well as hampering the opportunities and prospects of our own people.

Under the free movement of people, huge businesses and global brands are able to move large numbers of people to whichever country they choose with very little checks, documentation or security clearance being carried out.

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Since the vote took place and the result was announced, all we have seen is smoke and mirrors from the establishment, a torrent of lies and deceit from both sides of the political aisle as the Brexit clock runs down.

Over two years have passed and we are no closer to leaving the political union that was mis-sold to us in the first place. We are no nearer to unpicking the 170,000 pieces of legislation that have strangled our country for decades and stifled its growth and potential.

Our country has been sold out, it’s people have been betrayed by years of corruption and underhanded tactics by career politicians and self-serving MP’s who are happy to watch the country’s demise as long as they can scoff from the trough of corruption.

These people are not bothered about you and I or the future generations of this country, they are self-serving rats that just think about themselves, all they’re thinking about is the here and now and if they can live a life of luxury and a happy existence, it’s two fingers up to the rest of us.

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Remember when the government told us “This is your decision. The government will implement what you decide” What on earth happened to that?

Remember when Theresa May stated profusely that “Brexit means Brexit”? Well, where did that plan go because Brexit clearly never meant Brexit in her eyes or in the eyes of the establishment, big business and the ruling political class of the United Kingdom who now seemingly want us to remain part of the EU and inside of their unelected bureaucratic dictatorship?

Theresa May’ Brexit isn’t what the people voted for, it’s a fraud and is Brexit in name only.

She knew only too well her Brexit fraud wasn’t going to get through Parliament, it’s hated by all sides and it left her with no choice before the Christmas break but to delay the vote on her proposals.

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Theresa the Appeaser has suffered further frustrations and has been defeated twice in House of Commons votes over the time frames of her plan B and also over a no deal scenario, last night she received one of the worst political defeats this country has ever seen, losing the vote by a historic margin of 230. MPs voted by 432 votes to 202 to reject the deal, which sets out the terms of Britain’s exit from the EU on 29 March.

We did not vote for this, we did not vote to give Parliament the authority to determine on what grounds or timescale we left the European Union on.

What we are seeing is further delay tactics, further stalling processes and more smoke and mirrors to delay our exit even further.

It is not acceptable, people just want them to get on with it now and deliver what the people voted for but it is my fear that our weak, spineless and callous MP’s, along with the help from mainstream media prostitutes are trying to thwart Brexit altogether.

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That won’t go down well with the British public.

The referendum of 2016 delivered the largest political mandate this country has ever seen and if the will of all of those people who took part in it is ignored and their votes are silenced and become meaningless then I believe there will be serious trouble heading down the tracks for politicians on both sides of the aisle.

We are living in an era where transparency is as murky as a Saudi Arabian arms deal, I don’t believe the ruling elite and political class ever expected us to leave and now they are doing everything in their powers to prevent it from ever happening.

We may have the vote but it is absolutely meaningless if democracy isn’t respected and the outcomes upheld.

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The United Kingdom can no longer be deemed a sovereign nation whilst our borders are wide open and whilst our laws, rules and regulations are being dictated to us from foreign fields rendering our vote and our theatrical democratic process completely irrelevant.

One of the greatest and most respected democracies in the world is laying in tatters, faith in politicians and politics has been completely eroded because of weak leadership and corrupt politicians and MP’s who have put the EU project ahead of our own country and it’s people for decades now, slowly eating away at the fabric and culture of our society.

It absolutely horrifies me to think that our once great country has succumbed to a political body of unelected bureaucrats led by a drunk who can’t even put his own shoes on.

Where have our leaders gone?

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Our puppet MP’s and politicians are openly standing against the will of their own constituents, they are blatantly standing in the way of democracy, their strings are being pulled from Brussels and they are betraying our country.

Their agenda is being helped and facilitated by the corrupt and dishonest mainstream media who are also in the tank for the European project and the ruling elite.

They pedal lies on a daily basis, they publish stories intent on doing our country down, they engage in baseless propaganda that is often pedalled to the masses which is factually incorrect. They produce scaremongering articles and exclusives whilst print reasons why our great country is going to fail when we leave the political union because they are all in on the act.

They are all in this together. They are the enemies of the British people.

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This once great country of ours has been subverted and turned into a totalitarian dictatorship that is run and directed from the real fascists in Brussels.

The establishment is shutting down anyone who dares to speak out and stand up, they have prohibited free speech, freedom of expression and the ability to question authority.

For anyone who does question the official narratives, they are labelled racists, bigots and fascists in an attempt to close them down and silence their voices.

They are criticised and ostracised, tagged as far right Nazi’s and white supremacists for standing up and opposing the totalitarian ideas of these disgusting puppet politicians who are supposed to enact the will of their constituents first and foremost but they are not doing that. They ignore the people who put them into such powerful and privileged positions, they treat them with such disdain and contempt and look down at them knowing there is no accountability coming their way because they are being protected by the establishment.

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They act knowing there will be very little reprisal.

And for those who do fight against their tyrannical regime, for those who do put their heads above the parapet just look what happens to them.

They are castigated in the media, they are ridiculed and put down by dishonest mainstream media outlets who act on behalf of the establishment, these brave patriots have their social media platforms closed down, they have their funding sources removed and their names dragged through the mud in what can only be viewed as totalitarian tactics with the sole purpose of silencing their views, opinions and opposition to the corrupt regimes that rule over us.

Weak MP’s and spineless politicians scramble for more protection, more police and more resources to protect themselves from ordinary working class people who are sick and tired of their voices being ignored by these out of touch trough snivelling career politicians and ruling elitists.

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Politicians and MP’s are very quick to label decent folk who stand up against their narratives but when they are heckled and called “names” themselves they call for more protection and resources to be used to quell criticism of them and the unpopular ideas they push. We are told by Met Police Chief Cressida Dick (a common purpose hack) that we have limited resources and reduced numbers of police officers to fight actual crime that is taking place, yet when someone is accused of “hate speech” “inciting violence” through the words they speak or “offending” someone the police turn out in force.

This comes at a time when the murder rate is soaring in the capital, we now have a higher murder rate than New York City, knife crime and gang culture is out of control and the drug epidemic has engulfed the streets of London and many other towns and cities up and down the country facilitated by an out of control immigration policy and an open borders agenda that is pushed and facilitated by George Soros and his Open Society Foundation.

It appears that policing free speech and hate speech has now taken over as the number one priority for the police in the UK.

People seemed more concerned over a person’s choice of words than they do with people actually being killed, murdered and raped on the streets of the UK.

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We are living in very unstable and uncertain times where deep division is ripping this country apart, a deep division that is being sown by the global elite to divide and conquer our great country. Everything is being turned on it’s head, our culture and society is being eroded at an alarming rate and our core principles, values and morals have been turned upside down.

If we don’t get a handle on things soon we are heading down a very dangerous path for our future generations. If the Brexit vote isn’t respected and upheld then I fear there is going to be an unprecedented uprising of patriots and nationalists in the UK who want an end to the superstate project and a return to independent free trading nation states that are not ruled or governed under the umbrella of a political union.

If our votes and our democracy is thwarted this country will make the current state of France look like a scene out of Sesame St.



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