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IN LIZ WE TRUSS! Politicalite endorses Liz Truss for Tory Leader and PM  

POLITICALITE endorses Liz Truss for Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister. 

She’s the only candidate who can take Britain into the future with a true blue vision for growth, freedom and prosperity.

Truss has repeatedly delivered in her post as Foreign Secretary and has delivered a pro-Brexit agenda at International Trade and we absolutely love her stance on Scot’s motormouth Loudmouth Nicola Sturgeon.

Her stance on Police forces going after crime instead of Twitter shows she’s also right on the money when it comes to online harms and free speech.

Her tax plan is also a vote winner for us, We believe she’ll restore freedom, back the ordinary people and make Britain better. 

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Whilst we have loved Boris Johnson’s epic premiership for the social media age – the challenge faced by COVID and the cost of living crisis we now face, we need a grown up inside Number Ten. 

We have thought long and hard about this decision, unfortunately Rishi Sunak is too untrustworthy for Number Ten and we don’t believe he can defeat Labour. 

Fishy Rishi’s backstabbing of Boris, his Tax flip-flops and his co-operation with pro-Remain Westminster outfits shows he’s unfit for Downing Street.

Britain needs another Iron Lady like Liz to take on Vladimir Putin, to restore Britain’s greatness and economic power. 

Liz is a true Yorkshire lass – and we believe she understands the challenges facing ordinary working people. She’s straight talking, down to earth and a true patriot. 

In Liz we Truss! 

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