NEW LABOUR WAS THE REAL DANGER: Blame Blair and Brown for the Islamification of Britain

NEW Labour governments of the millennium have always been accused of being culpable for the multicultural crisis in working-class Britain we see today, and this weeks bombshell report on the Home Office’s complicity in covering up grooming gangs has confirmed it.

In the late 2000s when Tommy Robinson first started to speak up against grooming gangs and Islam, it was Tony Blair and later Gordon Brown’s governments that tried everything to shut him down.


After the EDL street movement spread like wildfire across angry white working-class Britain, Robinson was attacked by the state. His businesses were destroyed, he was smeared by the media, he was imprisoned and his followers were branded ‘Racist.’

Tony Blair and co covered up grooming across Britain, out of fears of being labelled ‘Racist’ a bombshell report claimed. The report has confirmed the well-known rumours across British pubs in Britain and it’s a view that has been spoken of for the last ten years.

Blair’s former Labour Home Secretary, David Blunkett’s Home Office, knew about the sexual abuse of Children by Pakistani-Muslim men in Rotherham in 2002 but they chose to turn a ‘blind eye’ according to a bombshell report.

The then Labour government that was run by Prime Minister Tony Blair, received information detailing the extent of grooming gang activity in Rotherham as far back as 2002 but failed to act on it – he was too busy planning an illegal war.

More than 1,000 victims are believed to have been abused by grooming gangs in Rotherham between 1997 and 2010.

A report by Alexis Jay exposed “blatant” failures by police and the Labour-run local council, where officials feared being labelled ‘racist.’

The independent inquiry said an unpublished Home Office research report from 2002 described the extent of child sexual exploitation in Rotherham and a series of criticisms over the response “that should have raised concern”.

Last night, Mr Blair appeared on the BBC’s Newsnight to preach about Brexit and to look back on his legacy with rose-tinted spectacles – not once was he questioned on the grooming gang cover-up.

He brought up the minimum wage, Sure Start, Pension Reform and Education and Health Spending, yes Mr Blair – that was all good and well, but you also allowed Muslim men to rape British girls, and you conspired with George W. Bush to start an illegal war that brought terror to British streets.

Blair ran a government that would’ve been happy to torture victims for closer Libyan ties. Former special adviser to Mr Blair, Lance Price revealed recently: “I think if someone would have gone up to Tony Blair at the time and said you do realise that this guy is likely to end up in a Libyan prison and be tortured, that he would have considered that an acceptable price to pay.”

The 7th July 2005, The Westminster Bombing, The Manchester Bombing, The London Bridge Attack and the Parsons Green Attack – they’re all a direct result of Tony Blair’s disastrous Iraq War.

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In 2003 Tony Blair told BBC Newsnight: “The danger is that if we allow Iraq to develop chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons they will threaten their own region, there is no way that we would be able to exclude ourselves from any regional conflict there was there as indeed we had to become involved last time they committed acts of external aggression against Kuwait.”

Jeremy Paxman said: “But right now there is no danger, it’s a danger sometime in the future.”

Blair responded: “I’ve never said that Iraq was about to launch an attack on Britain but if you look at the history of Saddam Hussein there is absolutely no doubt at all that he poses a threat to his region.”

The only threat to Britain was Tony Blair and New Labour – and now, this man – who has made MILLIONS from destroying Britain, presiding over the rape of our girls – appears on our national funded broadcaster to preach to us about a second referendum, how Brexit is bad and how he and his elitist friends know better.

It’s time we all ignored Mr Bliar, after all – it’s him who caused the tremors that gave birth to the populist Earthquake across Britain.

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