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The Paradise Papers expose the sheer idiocy of those who think tax-avoidance is OK



THE TAX affairs of the super-rich have shown that when it comes down to it, the 1% would rather hide wealth, pay as little tax as possible and still expect the rest of us to accept it.

I have absolutely no problem with people earning mass amounts of money, being successful and getting on in life – that’s great! We all want that, but what I do have a problem with, is companies, CEOs, Politicians and celebrities avoiding tax. – even if it is legal, it simply isn’t fair, there can’t be one rule for the super-rich and another for the rest of us.

Take Uber, for instance, they are a company exposed in the Paradise Papers, they pay barely any tax – yet their drivers use Britain’s roads. Any driver knows the state of the UK’s roads – just imagine if Uber paid their fair amount of tax… how many miles of roads could cash-strapped UK councils afford to fix? Probably from Lands-End to John O’Groats and back.

Another beauty is Lewis Hamilton, the Millionaire F1 champion bought a private jet and avoided paying VAT. He flew ONCE to the Isle of Man to use a tax-loophole. and claimed that his new jet was for business purposes and definitely NOT personal pleasure….he then boasted on Snapchat and Instagram – revealing that he was going on Holiday – via his private jet. (Imagine my surprise)


How can anyone actually defend this? Do you really enjoy working hard, paying tax but think the super-rich shouldn’t be burdened with the same taxes as the rest of us plebs?

What would those who think Tax-avoidance is ok, have to say about the Paradise Papers? Oh, of course, they will defend it – even if it means they look like complete cucks.

Their argument is that these companies and celebrities aren’t doing anything wrong, this is all legal – they seem to believe that protecting the super-rich will mean they too can have the spare change from one of Lewis Hamiltons £50 notes, and hey, maybe a ride on his jet!

You see, that doesn’t wash with me – I love Capitalism and the Free-Market, but you know what I don’t like? Companies and Celebrities that abuse the system and think they can mug the whole of Britain off at the same time.

If you want to make millions, that’s absolutely fine, we all love money, we all want to make as much as possible – all we ask is that you pay your fair share of tax so that those who have nothing and live in poverty can afford a basic existence.


Unless you are earning £250k-a-year, there is no defence of tax avoidance, and by defending it, you look like a complete cuck, but hey – I’m sure you’ll get some spare change from Lewis Hamilton.

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