Run and hide is what we do during a Terror Attack, it’s not how we deal with Terror

DAY TWO of Groundhog Day and the Political class of leftie luvvies were still virtue signalling on Twitter, Parliament spent a whole morning debating a retweet and The Independent was peddling its fake news, yet again.

If you’ve been living outside the Westminster bubble, you probably don’t see what all the fuss is about and you certainly wouldn’t spend a WHOLE morning debating a bloody Retweet. But in the past 48 hours, I have finally woken up to the fact that Britain is no longer a serious country.

A simple retweet has shown the disconnect between the Establishment in Parliament and the people who legitimately fear Radical Islamic Terrorism.

Let’s clear away the placards and the pitchforks of the Twitter Mob and actually address what happened here, The President of the United States Re-Tweeted a few tweets from a far-right leader.

He didn’t say he supported the views of Britain First and he certainly didn’t make a comment – he simply Re-Tweeted them.

The whole drama was stirred up by the everyday offended Twitter Mob of virtue signallers, who suddenly realised they could no longer hide from both Radical Islamic Extremism AND the Far-Right.

Britain’s political class has been ignoring the fears of Britons concerning Islamic Terror for decades — they have been pretending that there isn’t a problem and still seem to think that Britain is a garden of Eden that neither fears Islam…

Our representatives on their perch inside the Birdcage of the Liberal London Bubble couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Britain is concerned with Radical Islamic Terror, and there are Britons who are concerned with Islam but our leaders are not only ignoring your concerns, they are ignoring the problem all together leading to millions being drawn to organisations such as Britain First.

You don’t need a study and you don’t need a debate to find this out, what you actually need to do is go out across Britain and speak to the people instead of waiting for five-years when there’s an Election on.

Donald Trump told Theresa May yesterday: “don’t focus on me, focus on the destructive Radical Islamic Terrorism that is taking place within the United Kingdom” He is more connected to the silent majority in Britain than our politicians themselves.

Britain’s MPs are disconnected with reality, they are so out of touch when it comes to Britain’s fears of Islam that they have now decided to hide in their safe space in the House of Commons.

Well, do you know what? Britain is tired of virtue signalling, and Britain is tired of our politician’s ignoring the major issue of our time.

We don’t see change, We don’t see a response, We see a bunch of wet wipes debating a fucking re-tweet in the National Parliment of a former serious country.

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