‘GRAVE CONCERNS’ – Two PBORO Councillors Speak-Out About Alleged Vote-Rigging

TWO prominent Peterborough politicians; one a key member of the City council cabinet, have claimed that they have ‘grave’ concerns over the legality of the by-election election result that saw Labour’s Lisa Forbes steal the marginal Parliamentary seat, allegedly with the help of a convicted vote-rigger.

Deputy leader Cllr Wayne Fitzgerald – a popular long-serving local outspoken Councillor who also played an active part in Peterborough’s Vote Leave campaign – told local paper, The Peterborough Telegraph, that he is convinced that illegal activity took place, saying: “I have grave concerns over postal vote harvesting within certain sections of the community, particularly focused on the urban city wards of Park, Central, North and East.

Deputy Peterborough Council Leader, Cllr Wayne Fitzgerald.

We know it goes on with reports of it happening in Asian communities with people coerced.

My view is postal votes should be scrapped entirely unless you are physically impaired.”

Asked if he had raised this issue with the council’s elections team, Cllr Fitzgerald said: “I’m assured by the chief executive police do covert actions, before adding “I am making constant complaints to electoral services.”

Also throwing her hat into the ring, was Conservative city councillor Shazia Bashir, a former Labour supporter who has openly and bravely spoken-out for years against the electoral fraud allowed to go unchecked in the City. 

Cllr Shazia Bashir, who has spent years standing up for democracy and attempting to highlight electoral fraud known to take place in Peterborough.

Bashir claimed that a few years ago she had seen electoral fraud first-hand in Eastern European and Asian areas of the city and firmly believes it still happens now.

She also claimed voters in Peterborough are told to take photographs to prove who they voted for, even though polling stations display signs stating that photography is forbidden.

During the by-election, observation group Democracy Volunteers sent a team of activists to the city who reported that they “identified an emerging concern in the frequency in which individuals were observed to be photographing their completed ballot papers”.

The Peterborough by-election result has been heavily criticised by members of the public who are calling foul play. 

SHIFTY: (L-R) Convicted vote-rigger Tariq Mahmood, Comrade Corbyn, Labour Peterborough Leader Shaz Nawaz, and MP Lisa Forbes.

A formal challenge to the result – based upon overwhelming evidence of the alleged involvement of convicted ‘ballot burglar’ Tariq Mahmood – is now being prepared. 

If you would like to make a donation towards the legal campaign fund, no matter how small, please click on the following link:

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