Conspiracy Files: Meet the FLAT EARTHERS

We are all taught in primary school that the Earth is a globe.

But there is an ever-growing group of people who say that is an elaborate conspiracy and they are convinced that the Earth is flat.

‘Flat-Earthers’ as they are known also believe that the reason we don’t ‘fall off’ when we get to the edge, is because the Earth is encircled by a giant Ice Wall that is heavily policed by armed troops.

They claim NASA is a fraudulent organisation, the Moon Landing was a hoax. and that the world renowned space agency’s imagery of Earth is created via CGI.

Some members say that:

“If NASA has such high-def cameras, then why can’t we see pictures of Australia’s buildings hanging upside down from space?”

One Flat Earther is Nathan Tompson, 31, from California who created a Facebook group that has now attracted 40,000 Flat earthers including some well-known faces.

He was introduced to the notion of a flat Earth by a friend and says he initially dismissed it as a ‘ridiculous idea’.

Nathan added: ‘I said ‘What about the pictures from space? Nasa has pictures’. He said ‘Well, they are all composites’.

‘I thought this was the craziest idea I had ever heard and at first, I was extremely skeptical. For the first month, all I wanted was for the Earth to be a globe.

‘I thought I was going to debunk it but after a month of not sleeping and really digging through the information, I was a Flat Earther.
‘The facts all point to the fact that the ball Earth is a lie. And once you go flat, you don’t go back.’

He now spends his time traveling across the USA to meet other Flat Earthers and spread his message to potential new converts.

He said: ‘I would say 50 percent of the time someone leaves a conversation saying ‘I didn’t know any of this information and I will look into it.’

‘Then the other 50 percent of the time they just reject it regardless of what you show them.

‘I would say that the average Flat Earther is someone who had already been questioning reality.’

The Flat Earther’s theory is a truly interesting one – whilst it goes against every law of Science – it does raise some interesting questions about life, space and why the world is the way it is.

When I started researching the theory, I did feel like a six-year-old in Science class again.

It was exciting… could the world be totally different to what we currently beleive?

Is there a giant Ice Wall surrounded by cops ran by a master James Bondian Villan?

Probably not.

I still think the Earth is a globe, I need much more evidence to be swayed otherwise.

I’m emphasising THINKING the earth is a globe, – Has anyone other than Astronauts actually seen the Earth from space with their own eyes?

See, the flat earthers have got me questioning things I once thought unquestionable.

The flat earth theory makes for a great science-fiction movie or even a double episode of Doctor Who, but until there is more concrete evidence – I think Nathan should get a job as a screenwriter at Universal Studios.

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