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EYE PHONE: WikiLeaks Says MI5 and CIA ‘developed spyware to turn TV’s and iPhones into bugs’

MI5 and the CIA developed ‘software’ to turn smartphones and iPhones into bugs, it has been claimed and its like something out of ‘1984’.

The spy agencies apparently worked with the CIA “to turn televisions and smartphones into bugging devices that can record conversations and even take photographs” according to leaked intelligence documents.


If true, the bombshell news would confirm years of conspiracy theorists claims.

The Telegraph reported that “The CIA is accused of running a secret computer hacking programme giving its agents access to everyday items including mobile phones, TVs and iPads.”

The CIA is also alleged to be targeting cars that contain onboard computers linked to the internet, amid allegations that once in control of vehicles it could stage assassinations and make them look like accidents.

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The British intelligence agencies – MI5 and GCHQ – were dragged into the row with files showing how the UK held workshops with the CIA to find ways to ‘hack’ into household devices.

It is alleged that MI5 created a ‘fake-off’ mode that meant television users thought sets were switched off. In fact users can be secretly recorded by them and conversations transmitted to a CIA operative listening in. The smart televisions come with a microphone that is normally used for voice-activated controls.


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