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CORBYN’S ANTI-JEW RESURRECTION: Jez attends ANTI-JEW London event were “names of Mainstream Jews” were Booed

JEREMY Corbyn attended an event last night (Easter Monday) hosted by a far-left group that has called for the destruction of Israel, dismissed the Labour anti-Semitism scandal as a “cynical manipulation” and labelled Corbyn’s Jewish critics “non-Jews”.

According to Guido Fawkes, A leaked audio recording obtained by the blogger reveals Corbyn was present at a Seder held by “Jewdas” in Islington, where guests shouted “f*ck capitalism” and booed the names of mainstream Jews.

Credit: Guido Fawkes

At the height of Labour’s anti-Semitism scandal, Corbyn chose to mark Passover alongside a fringe group that despises and is despised by mainstream Jews.

Jewdas describes itself as a “radical” group that “opposes capitalism” and wants to “overthrow the state.”

It has tweeted that “Israel is itself a steaming pile of sewage which needs to be properly disposed of.”

It is viciously critical of mainstream Jewish groups. Last week it attacked the Board of Deputies of British Jews and the Jewish Leadership Council response to the Labour anti-Semitism scandal as “playing a dangerous game with people’s lives.”

It dismissed the Labour anti-Semitism scandal as a “bout of faux-outrage”

It claimed the anti-Semitism row “is the work of cynical manipulations by people whose express loyalty is to the Conservative Party and the right wing of the Labour Party.”


In a blog post on its website four days ago, it labelled Jewish Chronicle editor Stephen Pollard a “non-Jew”

At the Jewdas event last night, Corbyn sat for several hours and brought beetroot from his allotment as a gift. In the Guido audio recording, guests boo the name of Jonathan Arkush, the President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, and shout “f**k capitalism”.

The Seder ended with the words: “Enough is enough. F*ck you all. Chag Pesach sameach”.

Labour MP Angela Smith wrote on Twitter:


This is a developing story, more follows. 

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