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DOESN’T KNOW, DOESN’T CARE: Emily Thornberry “Doesn’t Know” Last Time She Visited Northern England


Michael Crick has a peach of a story which he has put out on Twitter. Emily Thornberry was overheard asking an aide when she had last visited the north of England as she “didn’t know” the answer. So what, you may ask. As a Shadow Minister shes surely busy enough to be entitled to make the occasional slip-up? However, this is barely the point and it is far from the first time that Ms Thornberry has demonstrated contempt for working class Labour voters.

Back in 2014, Ed Miliband was Labour leader and Ms Thornberry was Shadow Attorney General. On the last day of the Rochester & Strood By-Election, she tweeted a sneering photo adorned with England flags and a white van parked outside the front in a clear attempt to mock the patriotic inhabitants. Unsurprisingly, Dan Ware, the inhabitant branded Ms Thornberry a “snob”:

“I’ve not got a clue who she is – but she’s a snob,” he told the Sun. “We put the flags up for the World Cup (in 2014) and will continue to fly them.”

He had some sound advice for the Labour Party elite:

“I think they (Labour) need to get out of their mansions and visit the working class. Her and Ed (Miliband) should come and say sorry to me.”

Even if they did I am sure they wouldn’t relish the experience as they might discover some home truths, as this audience member put it on Question Time, Labour has “stabbed working class communities in the back over Brexit.”Many Labour councils fall short of the mark and in other instances, Labour councillors have been implicated in the most heinous of cover-ups.

It is time for working-class Labour voters to realise the demonstrable truth. The Labour Party uses them as pure lobby fodder to be treasured at election time but dismissed every other time. It was not what Ms Thornberry said that is the core of the problem but what it says about what her and the rest of the Labour high command that is the issue. It reeks of contempt and disrespect. Working class voters need to look to back a Party that backs them and that Party is not Labour.

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