MP’s WEEK FROM HELL: Jared O’Mara ‘watched as his club bouncers gave woman a black eye’

DISGRACED MP Jared O’Mara is facing even more damning revelations today after it was claimed he watched as his clubs bouncers gave a woman a black eye.

The Sun reports that at the Sheffield Hallam MPs club ‘West Street Live’, O’Mara made bouncers eject Liz Aspden, 42, and a friend when she objected to him kicking her coat across the floor and One bouncer hit her in the face as they were marched out.

Liz said “I put my coat down as we danced, Jared walked over and deliberately kicked it out of the way. I asked what he was playing at.

“He took one look at me with arrogance and contempt, didn’t say a word, then summoned the bouncers over. My friend came to see what the fuss was about and the bouncers grabbed both of us.”

“They were saying, ‘He’s the owner’, as if that gave him the right to do whatever he wanted.

“I was manhandled out of the club. I got hit in the face and ended up with a black eye. I don’t know whether it was deliberate or an accident but it hurt a lot. I felt shocked and shaken up.

“Once outside I called the police and reported it as an assault.”

Lisa Aspen said it came on the same night he allegedly called student Sophie Evans an “ugly b****” at the club whilst on a date.

Liz said cops planned to go to his West Street Live venue in Sheffield but could not.

The local pub boss added: “They spoke to me a few days later and asked what I wanted to do.

“I thought they had better things to do than deal with than some arrogant club owner so I said I wouldn’t press charges.

“But I wanted them to talk to staff about how they deal with the public. I understand they did.”

“How he got selected I’ve no idea. It paints a picture of a nasty character.” She urged Labour to sack him.

Yesterday he was suspended by the Labour Party after it was revealed that the Sheffield Hallam MP wrote about “sexy little slags” and teenage girls being “Fingered”. Those claims follow previous findings.

On Monday Guido Fawkes released previous comments by Jared involving sexist and homophobic comments.

On Tuesday it was revealed, Jared had made homophobic comments.

On Wednesday we learnt that Jared had called a date an “Ugly-bitch” and used sexist language towards Lucy Powell, 23.

According to Lucy Powell, a question is asked when you become a candidate: ‘Is there anything in your past to bring the party into disrepute?’”

Labour HQ was sent a dossier and acknowledged receipt. They initially claimed they knew nothing until Monday this week but new reports suggest that Labour knew of the claims for a month but hid them.

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