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Snowflake Labour admit they are ASHAMED to say ‘England’ in case they are branded ‘racist’


LABOUR is ashamed to say “England” according to a leaked report set up to reconnect with their core Labour heartlands.

The top-secret document found many activists believe talking about English identity could strengthen far-right extremists – and many won’t even mention England.

Labour admitted: “If we are honest, some Labour activists are uncertain about celebrating St George’s Day or reflecting English identity in their campaigning.

“There may be misplaced fears that this will appeal to, or even strengthen, far right extremists.

“Others worry about crossing a line between caring about our country and appealing to a xenophobic nationalism.
“Labour campaigners should not assume that English identifiers are right wing.”

They also told activists “Don’t forget to call it England, England.”

The report also asks Corbynista activists if they see a house with a St George’s Cross flying, do you they;

A. Think the householder is proud to be English;
B Assume that the householder is a right-wing racist or
C. Feel you will have little in common with them?

The report found one of Labour’s biggest problems was that they often “don’t mention England even when we are talking about England”.

The findings reflect Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry’s infamous tweet of an “image from Rochester”

Thornberry was forced to resign after posting a mocking photo of a house decked out in St George’s flags.



1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ben

    April 23, 2018 at 05:47

    Labour are the most racist party in the country. They hate England and are more than happy to tell you. Complain to the police about their racist comments and see the 2 tier legal system in the UK where it is okay to be racist to the English people.

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