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OH NO JEREMY CORBYN: London councillor reveals why he’s quitting Labour


A LONDON Labour councillor has revealed he is quitting the Labour Party and has branded Labour ‘rotten to its core.’

Sam Stopp, who is the councillor for Wembley Central on Brent Council said that the party he had fallen in love with many years ago was not the party his grandfather had voted for after the War.

“Why have I spent the best years of my life in a party lately influenced at every level by pseudo-intellectuals, feudal socialists, hyper-liberals, Putin sympathisers, antisemites, Islamists, and emboldened fools who hate this country with a putrid passion? Why me? Why any of us?” he said.

Stopp said that Jeremy Corbyn was an ‘existential threat’ to the future of the Labour Party and added that his supporters had ‘ripped apart the fabric of a once-great party’

He said that he had seen some of the most worrying behaviours he had ever encountered in a “professional” environment in his Brent council role.

“There is so much darkness to reveal, and in time, reveal it I will. But believe me when I say this because I’ve seen it in its true naked ugliness: this is a party rotten to its core, whose backroom power-brokers will stop at nothing to change this country to suit their own devious ends. Be sure, their sins will find them out.” he added.

“There are still many good people in the London Labour Party. Their decency is not diminished by their continued membership of an organisation that has betrayed them. They are far stronger than me. But they will continue to walk away, when they finally realise, as I now have, that the lights have gone out.”

Sam added that serving the London Labour Party was the greatest honour of his life but said that the time had come to get his life back.

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