ANGELA’S VIRUS ORDEAL: Politicalite’s Chief Reporter has Coronavirus – Her Story

ANGELA Eagleheart, our Chief reporter, has contracted Coronavirus, Politicalite is sad to reveal.

Angela has broke many stories and is one of our most valued assets – she shares her story to warn others to stay home – she’s staying away from her grandchildren and has warned others to stay inside.

Angela told us that it all began on March 1st “I awoke with sore hips and legs, like fatigue. But my joints were definitely affected as when I walked it was painful. ”

“I thought it’s my mattress it’s too hard so I ordered a topper. This fatigue was so evident and a sign of what was to come but I wasn’t aware back then. I plodded on feeling not quite right taking paracetamol and nurofen for the hip pain. ”




“Fast forward to March 8th I remember suddenly, I mean suddenly feeling hot going to bed that night.”

“The new mattress topper was on and yet again I thought now I am too hot.”

“Is this going to give me grief now? That day we were at an event in a theatre with about 200 families. I was sitting thinking, what if someone here has the coronavirus and we all get it? Little did I know I was patient 0 sitting there! ”

“Next day I was out at the shops with my daughter. Still sweating and telling her about the kids and how much they loved the event and I was telling her about someone next to us coughing at the event.”

“I was moaning why didn’t they stay away? They are being a wee bit irresponsible, don’t you think! My daughter teasingly said you’ve got the coronavirus mum!”

“Tuesday 10th I woke up with a sore throat. A dry sore throat. Watched news ….382 affected. That means epidemiological rounding it up it’s about 4000 if you 10x 382. Some say its 20x being an accurate estimate meant over 8000 hit with this novel (new) flu virus”

“I was hitting 38.5 on the thermometer felt really hot. Throat felt like a foam round pillow was in my throat with a tiny amount of air filtering through the holes.”

“I called 111 and it took 90 minutes to answer. “Sorry we have been very busy with the coronavirus.” I then walked through it all. I was told its too early to say what you are suffering but a temperature and sore throat are Covid -19 symptoms. Self isolate for seven days and if anything changes call us back. ”

“I took my temperature again it was now 36.7! It had went down much to my amazement. But it did not last as it creeped back up. Reminded me of the hot flushes I had during the menopause, so familiar.

Except back then my core temperature did not go up and down.

Sleepless night as my mouth and throat got DRIER.

Halfway through the night I was getting into difficulty. My throat felt as if it was closing up. My mouth was like that feeling you get after a hard night drinking. We all know that feeling! I thought logically what’s going on? Went on Google and came across info on salivary glands shutting down causing these symptoms.

The most interesting cause is autoimmune disorder Lupus and is rare in any viruses, but is listed as a symptom.

I end up sipping water from a straw all night to moisten the throat and keep me from dehydrating. Morning arrives I got two hours sleep. All my mucus membranes are bone dry. No mucus, phlegm Nada-zilch. Then an annoying cough starts.

It gradually gets stronger and stronger. Until I am having coughing fits and my head is about to explode. I have been using my reliever inhaler as I have cough variant asthma and this looks like an extended version that no matter how many puffs I took it went on unabated.

I am sweating, temperature going up and down, from my normal 36.5 up to 39.5, coughing incessantly, throat constantly needing the drip, drip of the straw, then my whole body becomes like jelly. My muscles can’t hold my weight. I end up crawling into the bathroom and back to bed all night long.

I am wore out with it and I feel like death is coming for me. This goes on right through the night, it’s bizarre and you really need to experience it to appreciate how bad it is.

Unlucky for some it’s now Friday 13th of March and now 798 are affected. So round it up to 800 and 10x means really 8,000 or 20x equals 16,000 almost doubled in three days! I soldier on then I remember I have not eaten since Monday. That can’t be right? My digestion has been switched off too. I did not feel hungry. I knew I had to eat and as I live alone I realised if someone was here they’d make me sip some soup, eat a sandwich but I was too into the symptoms to realise if I did not eat this would take me. But strangely I did not really care. I had no strength to even cook anything.”

I had some tangerines. Squeeze them into my mouth and try to swallow it. That was my enforced diet for the next few days apart from water.

Family and friends text as I say I can’t call as using my voice triggers it plus I’d not be much of a conversation. I played brave, it’s ok I am fine, yea I’ve had something to eat. All of Friday was a blur. The hours just flew by. It was like I was in that movie The Time Machine and I watched night become day then day become night. My bed had become a vehicle driving fast through time.

It’s Saturday March 14 and I thought it must end soon but no end in sight. I am exhausted. My pyjama trousers keep falling down as I’ve lost so much weight and still I see no urge to eat. I have those fizzy vitamin C tablets. I have one every few hours.

Anything to see if it will help. If I was say 80 living alone I might be dead by now as the toll this takes on your body is like no other flu I’ve ever had before.
Still NO MUCUS, PHLEGM, SNEEZING. No use for all that toilet paper everyone is buying. Then I hear my dog Alfie start coughing. Oh no he has caught it I shout out. I watched Witney in Eastenders tonight (Tues 17 March) and I can recognise that hallucinating state now.

Hearing people from the past scream in your ear. Watching scenarios in the air like waking dreams on the ceiling. Even lack of food it was killing me. This bastard of a virus had me by the short and curlies I thought but they keep saying get to day seven and call back.

Sunday 18 my temperature settles a bit at 37.5 few times I took it, still slightly up. I had optimism as the cough settles down to a kind of bark. Not as incessant, headache abating….is this the end? Am I hallucinating that I am getting better? I didn’t believe my own mind by this time.

The first grumble of my stomach, I now feel hungry. I get up to try to stand and it’s like when Jesus told Lazarus to get up from his deathbed. As quick as it came it goes. I grudgingly take out a piece of ham and shove it between two slices of bread and eat. Gingerly at first. Then I get ice cream from the freezer. Eat nearly half the tub then eat three ice lollies. Why didn’t I go and eat these things during the crisis? Simply the reason was I wasn’t hungry. Like even my mind was making me give up.

The temperature levelled out 37 and I have a barking cough. Night came and a rush of mucus rushed down my throat at last my salivary glands were working again. But a new problem has cropped up since – I have a bacterial lung infection. The virus opened my immune system so that any bacteria could get in and take a hold. Telling thing the doc asked me to do was look at the back of my throat. What colour was it? I replied like yellow. She said lightly, emm… viral. I looked it up and it said when the throat is too dry, yellow colouring means bacteria have taken a hold. Bingo it all making sense.

Sunday night I start to get wheezy suddenly. Is this the second wave? The mucus won’t stop now. Am I drowning in my own liquid ? I call 111 as I can’t wait until Tuesday. I could die by then. 90 minute wait again. Anxiety setting in as I am on last puffs of my inhaler. Call adviser answers and states I’ll pass you onto a GP within the hour. On the hour the GP calls. I describe everything that has happened. I can hear her like ticking things and seeming to be reading from a page. I say what about my breathing? I say to her is this the pattern of coronavirus? She goes silent. She says you are describing Covid-19 symptoms but as this is a clinical diagnosis we cant say for sure? I reply what about the test? Can’t I have the test to see if I am safe? She gets annoyed saying those are only used by people in hospital. So they were in hospital getting treated but I’ve to put up with a ‘probable’ cause of my symptoms alone, dehydrated, thinner, breathing shallow and fast. I have one other doctor who will call within another hour for the final diagnosis. This must be the protocol that the two doctors must agree that it is or isn’t the virus?
On the hour again and by this time its 5am. I am exhausted though everyone who knows me will tell you I only sleep three hours in every 24. But coronavirus was taking me. It was like rounds in a boxing match. The wee referee was staring into my face as I lie on that bed, like Robinson Crusoe on his island. She goes through the same questioning like before and I think to myself but isn’t it all written down? Why am I answering all the same questions? But it’s the new Scottish government protocol since this new Covid-19 started. As I ponder this stupid questioning, like a policeman asking for a witness statement. Next thing I hear is ‘I am giving you antibiotics for the lung infection.’ I can hear it but my brain is trying to catch up. I’ll fax a prescription to your pharmacy and someone can pick it up later for you this afternoon.’

The government are using a method of detection that only relies on testing anyone sick enough to be taken to hospital. When a person calls it looks like they tick box if you fit the criteria. I was told without a test I am classed as a ‘Probable’ victim of Covid-19.

I then get drowsy and drift off to sleep. Monday 18th March I wake feeling better, more normal except the cough which is just a grunt now. Temperature and throat settled, muscles gaining strength. I sleep on and off all day but the wheeze carries on. The mucus, fluid is more than a normal lung infection. I fear is there another round to go?

Its Tuesday 19th March and I am lying in my trusty, beautiful bed thanking God for keeping me here. I slept so much yesterday I can’t sleep so I decided, how many people write down what has happened to them? Only people like me who write most probably? So here is my testimony of surviving up until now……The Covid – 19 virus today reaches nearly 2000 confirmed cases meaning maybe 20,000 or 40,000. That’s a really big jump from when I started my Coronavirus journey. One week has went by and the numbers have jumped from shy of 400 to 2000. But just double or treble that number and reality sets in.

We need to do what the scientific advisers are saying. Isolate, quarantine and don’t be greedy in the shops. People buying baby’s milk powder for their tea. Isn’t that just callous? I feel sorry for humanity that selfishness like that takes place.

We need to stop the pettiness and try to save as many people as we can….I’m starting with the (wo)man in the mirror.

Disclaimer: My symptoms and chronology of how Covid -19 affected me might be different for you. But I just wanted to show how I walked about for a week and did not know I was possibly carrying this virus.

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