HOW LOW CAN THEY GO? Ash Sakar and Femi Rejoice at Cummings Coronavirus

FAR-LEFT activists Femi Sorry and Ash Sakar were slammed yesterday after breaking ‘truce rules’ amid Coronavirus to attack the Prime Minister top aide Boris Johnson after he feared he had caught the deadly Coronavirus.

In response to the recent news that Dominic Cummings is self-isolating Remoaner activists have responded with joy to the news, wishing death on him.

Others gave snarky comments about Cummings’ involvement in the initial ‘herd immunity’ strategy of the government in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The so-called ‘herd immunity’ strategy was abandoned early on, as the backlash persuaded the government to change.

The most prominent figures in the latter category however are Novara Media ‘journalist’ Ash Sarkar and co-founder of the pro-European Union advocacy group for young people OFOC (Our Future Our Choice) Femi Oluwole.

The pair took to  Twitter and made their delight known about Cummings’ condition, with the former stating that Cummings was ‘welcome to the herd’ and the latter sarcastically indicating that if he died from the virus, it would be ‘too bad’.

TalkRadio host Julia Hartley-Brewer, Time Party leader Robert Kimbell and Tory Party figure Emily Hewertson all slammed the comments.

Tory MP Nadine Dorries who tested positive for Coronavirus was the most scathing of Sarkar’s comments, calling her ‘unkind, unpleasant, churlish’ and she based her comments ‘on a lie’.

For Femi, he was criticised by the likes of the conservative thinktank The Bruges Group and TalkRadio host Mike Graham, with one user going as far to claim that no-one ‘cares what’ he states, citing his infamous clip of going to vote half-naked while running and swearing as a reason why. Brexit campaign group Leave.EU was the most damning, calling Femi an example of ‘Brexit Derangement Syndrome taken to another level’, and wished Dominic Cummings a speedy recovery’.

As of now, the amount of COVID-19 cases in the UK stands at 25,150, with 1,789 deaths and 135 recoveries. Worldwide meanwhile, this stands at 824,255 cases of the virus, with 40,659 deaths and 174,359 recoveries. Cummings is the latest government official to either have coronavirus or self-isolate following having symptoms of it. Previous examples have included Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Health Minister Matt Hancock, Prince Charles.

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