KUNG FLU: Chinese COVER-UP of Coronavirus has brought the WORLD to its knees

CHINESE Coronavirus has spread across the world and China tried to cover up the severity of the epidemic that has now turned into a pandemic and brought the global economy and everyday life to its knees.

Trump is in a war of words using the terms ‘Chinese virus’ and ‘Wuhan virus’ with opponents in the MSM calling the term ‘racist’ and claiming the President is ‘blaming foreigners’.

This has led many to question the relationship that many Western nations have with the communist state, following how the virus originally came from the country, leading to the biggest pandemic since the measles outbreak in the African nation of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, back in 2019.

The likes of Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan and Newsmax White House correspondent Emerald Robinson have used that term, and hit back at those calling people ‘racist’ for stating that. Meanwhile, former UKIP and Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has written a Newsweek column about virus, and how it should lead the West to ‘rethink’ its Chinese relationship.

This is because of the timeline that China has with covering up the virus, and complaining when restrictions have been put in place against the Chinese state to contain the virus.

Firstly, the CCP arrested doctors who tried to warn about the spread of the virus, most infamously that of Dr. Li Wenliang, who had tried to alert people about it back in early December 2019 through the social media site Weibo, but had police visits, and eventually died of the virus earlier this year.

China then tried to cover up the spread of it, mainly through their use of incinerators, to burn bodies.

The communist state also criticised the West when it banned flights coming from the country, all the while claiming that it may have been the United States that started spreading it in the first place.

Finally, it’s now calling the ‘Chinese virus’ accusations racist, with many in the West supporting that theory.

There are even suggestions of a cover up by China now, to hide the real numbers of those infected, so not only can they claim that the situation is under control, but they can continue easy economic relations with much of the West, sans the United States of America because of the recent trade wars there.

This mainly comes from how many are still in quarantine in the country, all the while people living in such areas are complaining that people were going ‘insane’, and that much of the workforce were still off sick. Livestreams from the Wuhan province (where the virus originally came from) show minimal human activity.

As of now, there are 227,495 cases worldwide, with 9,303 deaths and 85,961 recoveries so far. In China specifically, there are currently 80,928 cases, with 3,245 deaths and 70,420 recoveries.

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