“LIKE A NAZI WEAPON” Two Scientists Claim COVID-19 escaped from Chinese Laboratory


TWO scientists have claimed that Covid-19 is like a Nazi bioweapon which either escaped or was deliberately released from the Wuhan BSL4 laboratory.

Dr Paul Cottrell from Harvard University and Francis Boyle Professor of International Law at the University of Illinois agree that the structure of the virus cannot have happened zoonotically.

“If you add it all up the probability it is like .0001% chance that all of these things could have been zoonotic. You can see the big ‘copy and paste.”
stated Dr Cottrell.

“You don’t even have to have a molecular biology degree you just see the genomes and you can see the copy and paste.”

Dr Boyle agrees and declares there is a big smoking-gun as he said: “There was a recent scientific study in Antiviral Research published in 10 February 2020 by three scientists, two from France and one from Montreal.

“They did a genetic analysis of the Wuhan coronavirus and they said It may provide a ‘Gain of Function’ for the 2019 coronavirus with efficient spreading in the human population, compared to other lineage coronaviruses.”

This means that the virus to a layman was genetically engineered to be boosted (gain of function) to affect more of the population.

Both the doctors would prefer that the release of this virus was accidental but cannot rule out it was deliberate as Cottrell says: “That is a dark road. That is a really dark road. I would rather assume it was done in accident. But if it was done on purpose, it maybe programme culling of the population!”

Dr Boyle says the ‘supercharged’ virus has targeted more people than other viruses: “SARS had a lethality of 10% but Covid-19 according to the Lancet is 15% if you disaggregate the Chinese figures it is 17% but a Public Health authority in England thinks it is about 18%.

“That is the smoking gun for a biological warfare agent. Gain of Function is a tip off and is only useful for offensive biological warfare activity. It is either conducted because it is so dangerous in a Bio Safety Lab (BSL) level 4 facility.”

There is a paper trail on the development of the coronavirus up until 2015 then it goes ‘Black-op.’

Three papers are cited by Dr Boyle which show that this is the same virus he has watched being developed throughout the world: “My reading of these three articles basically is that they took the technology, this ‘Death Factory’ at North Carolina and the Australian research project and took it back to Wuhan and tried to genetically engineer it all together.

Like a turbo-charged biological weapon which would consist of SARS, already a weaponised coronavirus with Gain of Function properties with HIV.”

The construction of the virus is explained by Dr Cottrell as he studied the genome of Covid-19 online. “Imagine there are four docks consisting of HIV-1 which is the virus that is AIDS, that is a retro virus. Coronavirus is not a retro virus.

They are both RNA viruses but their mechanisms in how they work inside the cell, are in fact totally different.

“For that to happen zoologically is very rare. One insertion maybe two that maybe zoonotic but four! Then I kept on going like what is going on with the white blood cell drop on some of these patients?

“So what am I saying?”

“I am saying that there are bits and pieces of HIV that supercharges the spike protein in the coronavirus that docks not only in ace 2 but also docks on L sine receptor.”

Which is also called CD299. And that is a major receptor for HIV.”

Dr Cottrell wants the world to know that this is SARS on steroids: “This virus is SARS. People say Covid-19 is the disease.”

“What is the disease? It is SARS Cov2. It is not projected in the news but in the scientific.”

“nomenclature of this virus we are dealing with, this is SARS. We know how scared and deadly that is and they supercharged it in the lab to study it.”

Wuhan in China has a BSL4 facility and Dr Boyle believes: “It came out of this lab. It means its DNA is genetically engineered to be more lethal and more infectious.

“Clearly what we are seeing now is basically SARS, which already is a weaponised version of a coronavirus.

“It has leaked out of that laboratory at least twice before and then it is given Gain of Function properties which means it can travel by air for six feet and is more lethal.

“My fear is there will be a secondary wave and a tertiary wave. My real worry is it lays dormant for say five years and then gains function in virulence and pops back up. Just like how it is right now only in five or ten years time.”

A lot of labs get grants from the government and they don’t want to say something that might tip the apple cart for their research. The people that are saying it is zoonotic, where is their funding coming from?

“A lot of that funding is usually from government funding! Continues Dr Cottrell. “The governments need the money to maintain their lab but they need their lab to possibly do their black ops.”

“There is a symbiotic position between the government and these individuals saying it is zoonotic.”

Because if people wake up and realise what has been going on in some of these research labs, and the protocols, the ethics issues that are happening, it may shut them down?

The average citizen does not fully understand what is going on in these labs and how they are manipulating genomes. How deadly these things can be and what a BSL4 lab does its usually production of deadly pathogens.

Will this re-emerge in the future like the seasonal flu does every year? Dr Cottrell explains: “In the Spanish Flu of 1918 there was a primary wave then a secondary wave and a smaller tertiary wave. That is the best evidence of what this will probably be. Now the Spanish Flu was zoonotic, this is not zoonotic, so the dynamics, it might be a fallacy to use that as a proxy.”

Patient zero of Covid-19 or the index case was an old man, Wu Wenjuan, who had Alzheimer’s. He lived five buses away from the Wuhan Market on December 1. It was originally thought that the seafood and animal market is where Covid-19 emerged.

Three others became infected with only one being connected to the old man. But out of a sample of 41 people over 27 had connections to the Wuhan market and went onto develop the disease. The source remains a mystery but to have a BSL4 facility right next to the market is not a coincidence.

China has a habit of acquiring or stealing US research and technology. At the end of December, cancer researcher, Zaosong Zheng, was indicted and detained for trying to smuggle 21 vials of biological material out of the US to China. The 30- year old Harvard University researcher had hidden the vials in a sock before boarding the plane.

Harvard eminent scientist Dr Charles Lieber, who is chair of Harvard’s Chemistry and Chemical Biology Department, lied about connections to Wuhan University of Technology.

He took a seven- figure salary from them to start up a university in Wuhan and to participate in a talent hunt. He could face up to five years in federal prison and was released on $1 million bail in February.

DISCLAIMER: Politicalite and its advertisers do not endorse the scientists or views expressed in this article, we report on claims surrounding COVID-19.

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