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LOONEY LEFT: Vile Morons Claim PM is Planning ‘Genocide’ and Vow To INFECT Boris with Virus

CRAZED Leftists are claiming that Britain is planning to ‘kill of old people’ in a mass genocide over the COVID-19 outbreak – and one idiot has vowed to infect the Prime Minister with the Deadly virus in a mass ‘cough up’ outside Downing Street. 

Halfwit Josh Ryan from Bangor in Wales claims to be a DJ and set up the sick Facebook event, the idiot also boasts of his weed habit on social media including Instagram.

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He called for ‘Coughing At 10 Downing Street To Infect Boris With CoVid-19’, of which is partially in response to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s comments around the fact that more ‘loved ones’ were likely to die of the virus, before the infection died down.

So far, 1,400 people have confirmed that they are going, with another 8,300 confirmed to be ‘interested’. The event is due to take place on the 20th April, between the hours of 4:20-8:40 PM.

Rich Hutch said: “But just think about his 4 kids. I mean 5. 6?  Oh who knows/cares..”

People have commented a delightful range of comments, including Aodhan Cousins who called Boris a ‘fartsack’ who was planning on ‘sneezing’ on the Prime Minister.

Owen Holmes stating that if someone paid him he’d ‘gladly sneeze on Boris’ and one joked about how many children Boris has.

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Others were more critical however, with one user calling the event’s supporters ‘f*cking zoomers’, and another calling it a ‘stupid event created by stupid little people’.


MEANWHILE, other leftie social media users have started a viral hashtag on Twitter called #BorisGenocide.

This was leftie criticism of what was perceived as a lack of action by the Conservative government under Prime Minister Boris Johnson towards the virus.

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This includes one user who indicated that Boris wants ‘1.20 million dead’, another criticised how ‘criminal’ it was that people were unsure about what to do in this time of crisis and a Priti Patel parody account claiming that the coronavirus victims were just one group in a long line of those already ‘culled’ by the Tory government, including the ‘Windrush generation’ and the ‘mentally ill’.

Conservative comedian Geoff Norcott joked about the whole affair on his Twitter account:

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There were those who criticised the hashtag on Twitter, including a Tory activist who commented that because of the ‘disgusting’ way the left were using the hashtag, that they as a political group needed to ‘sort themselves out’. Another user called the hashtag ‘insulting’, and told those who use it to ‘grow up’.

In all, so far there have been 1,543 cases of the coronavirus in the UK alone, with 55 deaths and 53 recoveries. Out of the current cases, only 1% are serious of critical, with the other 99% being in mild condition.


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