NHS IS WACIST! British Coronavirus response RACIST says Comedian

IN POSSIBLY the worst take on Britain’s Coronavirus response to date, comedian Gina Yashere has called the government action racist.

Gina commented that there was no ‘doctors and nurses of colour’ in the news media, all the while asking ‘why is it only the white doctors and nurses who are on the frontpage of every newspaper, like they’re the only heroes’?

She complained about the contributions of the British BAME community being ‘erased from history’, claiming she couldn’t be the ‘only one’ sickened by this stance. She then advocated to trending the hashtag #stopthewhitewash alongside #clapforourcarers (whereby people clapped and applauded the work of the National Health Service staff on the 27th March at 8 PM). In response to criticism, she claimed that ‘everybody should be in the pictures’, all the while mocking her critics.

As of now, 5% of the NHS workforce is composed of black or black British people, as opposed to the 8% of Asian or Asian British people, 78% of white people, 2% for mixed and Chinese people and 7% of any other ethnic group and not stated/unknown people who work in the service. This is in comparison with the ethnic composition of the UK, with black or black British people making up 3% of it, Asian or Asian British people making up 7% of it, white people making up 87% of it, mixed and Chinese people making up 2% of it and any other ethnic group and not stated/unknown people making up 1% of it overall.

Yashere was strongly criticised for her stance, with one user quoting black American economist and political philosopher Thomas Sowell, and another complaining about people jumping ‘on this’ without ‘looking up the actual facts and figures’. Meanwhile, others were more critical of the hashtag #stopthewhitewash more generally, with transgender activist and columnist India Willoughby stating that the response to the coronavirus was a ‘united front and colour doesn’t come into it’ and told those spreading the hashtag to ‘stop stirring sh**’, and libertarian social media superstar Old Holborn sarcastically responding to Gina’s original post, claiming it ‘made him think’. Currently in the UK, there are currently 17,089 cases of the coronavirus, with 1,019 deaths and 135 recoveries. This compares to the worldwide total, with 657,434 cases of the coronavirus, 30,419 deaths and 141,419 recoveries so far.




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