NO MASKS LEFT FOR THE AMERICANS: Viral clip shows Chinese woman LEAVING Americans lacking

A CHINESE woman openly bragged about buying up ‘all the face masks’ so that she ‘didn’t leave a single mask for the Americans’.

In the clip, it shows the woman going around various shopping areas in the United States, bragging about how she found out that ‘3 million masks now have 40 masks per pack’, and that she was ‘happy’ about how she was ‘finding masks even when the trailer is attached to my car’ and could have more of them if she ‘arrange properly’.

She also bragged about how people didn’t know that there was a ‘purchase limit on masks’, and that she intended to ‘pay and get out’ of the place she was in, as she was ‘sweating because I am scared’. She then bragged about having ‘a full shopping cart’, where she ‘bought all the masks’, and was feeling ‘hot’ and ‘nervous’. She concluded the clip by boasting that in ‘central Florida’ (where she was heading next), there are ‘less Chinese’ there are that the people there in general didn’t ‘know about the masks’.

This comes as other footage has been revealed of other shady behaviour, including Chinese workers rubbing their feet on the face masks that are meant to be shipped to New York, as well as footage of some people with the virus spreading it through spitting and coughing on normal items.

As of now, there are currently 1,081,287 cases of the coronavirus worldwide, with 58,136 deaths and 227,734 recoveries so far. In China, this amounts to an alleged 81,620 cases of the virus in the country, with 3,322 deaths so far and 76,571 recoveries so far. In the United States of America, this extends to 266,279 cases of the virus, with 6,803 deaths and 11,903 recoveries, with the case total the highest in the world at this stage.

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