POLICE STATE: Warrington Police accused of turning UK into ‘DYSTOPIA’

BRITISH police forces are overreaching their power following the nationwide coronavirus lockdown and Number 10 has slammed Police forces across Britian for their heavy handed tactics. 

Warrington Police were accused of being ‘dystopian’ by legal and human rights experts for prosecuting people for normal activity, including people going shopping, driving and other forces attempted to stop a shop selling Easter Eggs which they described as ‘non-essential’.

Warrington Police released a statement on their social media feed, of which they admitted they had arrested people for going ‘out for a drive due to boredom’, ‘returning from parties’ and for going to the ‘same household going to the shops for non-essential items’.

This led to heavy criticism of the force, with many civil liberties supporters complaining that they were overreaching their power, and acting like a nanny state.

This comes as other police forces have been condemned for similar behaviour. Earlier this week, Derbyshire Police were criticised for complaining about people jogging,  South Wales Police were similarly ridiculed for complaining about Labour MP Neil Kinnock visiting his father for his birthday, and the Metropolitan Police were mocked for discussing how important it was to report ‘hate crimes’ during this period. This is while they report bakers for using chalk and sunbathers in Shepherd’s Bush Park.

Such actions have led to fears of a police state coming to be during this lockdown. In response to a question on this subject matter, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab stated that while the government does ‘back the police doing a very difficult job in unprecedented circumstances’, they also felt that ‘common sense’ should be applied. Michael Gove, another government minister, stated that it would be ‘unlikely’ that people would be held unfairly by the police.

As of now, the amount of coronavirus cases in the UK is 22,141, with 1,408 deaths and 135 recoveries. This compares to the worldwide total of 768,466 cases, 36,914 deaths and 160,243 recoveries so far. The current UK lockdown is ongoing, with it beginning on the 23rd of March for three weeks.

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