RENTERS PROTECTED: Boris Shields Renters From Eviction During Coronavirus… Now He MUST Do More To Help Workers

BORIS Johnson spoke in parliament today to announce new emergency legislation to stimulate the economy and prevent a severe fallout from the coronavirus outbreak. 

“I can indeed confirm that we will be bringing forth legislation to protect private renters from eviction. That is one thing we’ll do. But it’s also important as we legislate that we do not simply pass on the problem. So we’ll also be taking steps to protect other actors in the economy,” said the prime minister. 

“We’ve announced another 500 million to go straight into counsels to help them immediately with the needs of the poorest and most vulnerable. That’s why we’ve announced immediate cash injections into business to help them through an unquestionably very difficult time. That’s why we’ll be bringing forth further measures to ensure that every worker receives help throughout this difficult period,” he also said, in response to the opposition leader, Jeremy Corbyn. 

The UK has announced strict measures to contain the illness, with businesses closing across the country as the illness has afflicted nearly 2,000 people and 104 have now died. 

Boris Johnson has however not launched any policies to help working-class workers such as people such as Builders, tradesmen and taxi drivers – these are the people who can’t work from home.


MANY of us will soon be locked down without the chance to go to work and earn a living like the continent.

In America, Trump is already planning to hand every American $1,000 to stay home from work and isolate in a bid to beat the bug.

Boris Johnson must do more to help every Briton… not just business owners and homeowners. 

People will need help to buy food, pay rent and pay bills in these unprecedented times. 

If the Tories are really the party of the working-class… they must step up and help the poor, and ensure they are not forced to go out into an unsafe environment to work to feed their families.

Many tradesmen are telling the Politicalite they don’t have a 9mile screwdriver to work from home, and taxi drivers are joking they can’t drive passengers around their kitchen… get into reality Boris… and help people isolate and stop the spread of this killer bug, before it’s too late.

More follows.

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