Corrections and Clarifications


Earlier this week Politicalite ran a story: “EXCLUSIVE: Eyewitness Reveals All on Phillip Schofield’s COSY DATE with Alleged Toyboy Lover” with a photo that appeared to show the host with a male member of the This Morning crew. The man in the photo was not the member of the This Morning crew in question; we deeply apologise for the mistake and have removed the article from our website.

21st November 2019: MORRISONS FAKES IT 

On the 21st November 2019 we published a story about a BXP candidate who was kicked out of a supermarket. An earlier version of our articles on the incident claimed the store in question was in Bolton – it’s now believed it happened in Denton. We have corrected related stories on our website. We deeply apologise for the error.


On the 15th November published an article entitled: “Opinion: If We Want To Stop Child Abuse, We Need To BAN Immigration From Pakistan”

In the second paragraph of the article, the author wrote: “Nine in ten of the street children in Pakistan had been sexually abused by Pakistani adults as part of a regular and publically known paedophilic culture that has deep roots into the country.”

The “nine in ten of the street children in Pakistan had been sexually abused by Pakistani adults” claim was factually incorrect, the sexual abuse was related to the city of Peshawar, not the whole of Pakistan.

Thus, the author’s statement: “nine in ten of the street children in Pakistan had been sexually abused by Pakistani adults” was incorrect.

We apologise for the mistake and have amended the article.

13th JUNE 2018 – THE 71%

On the 13th June 2017, published an article “Tommy Robinson MOVED to Midlands prison with 71% Muslim Population.” as claimed by a Caolan Robertson, Tommy Robinson’s spokesman. It was, in fact, the wing that had a 70% Muslim population and not the Prison as a whole.  We deeply apologise for any confusion.

7th MARCH 2018 – 20,000 JIHADIS

On the 7th March 2018, published a story with the headline “UK Government plans to give 20,000 returning Jihadi fighters council homes” in relation to Operation Constrain. The headline was badly written and caused confusion. Whilst the Government does indeed plan to target 20,000 jihadi’s known to MI5, Britons returning from former Islamic State strongholds in Syria will also be eligible. There are not 20,000 jihadis ‘returning’ as the headline stated. We have updated the headline and apologise for any confusion and hope the people complaining about the headline, can now focus their attention on the Governments plan to give council homes to 20,000 Jihadis.


During a report on the Barcelona Terror Attack, Politicalite reported that Driss Oukabir was the attacker, as reported by local Spanish media – it has now been confirmed by Spanish authorities that Driss Oukbir is in custody – but is not believed to have been part of the Barcelona Terror Attack. We apologise for any confusion.


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