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BRIT MEAL HERO: Grimsby Teacher Delivers Packed Meals to Children amid Lockdown



ZANE Powles, the assistant headteacher from Grimsby is delivering food to kids amid Lockdown, again. 

The teacher was awarded an MBE for delivering meals to kids during the first lockdown last year. He’s now restarted his packed meal deliveries.

Zane braved the cold weather and the long walks to take the meals to pupils from the Western Primary school on Wednesday.

“We’ve started delivering free school meals back last March because schools were being closed, our children are entitled to free school meals. So our initial thought was, how are we going to get the meals out to them.” said Zane.


“The parents have limited funds and it’s really important that we act and feed the children. And also at the beginning back in March lockdown, everybody was able to stay back home so by delivering a meal to them we can ensure that the parents are staying at home, the children are staying at home.”

“And check on the children and also at the same time check on the children and check on the parents make sure their mental health is good,” said Zane who has delivered over eight thousand meal to school kids since March 2020.

“Zane said the feedback from the children and their parents has been great and the deliveries help maintain the relationship between the families and their school amid a series of COVID-19 restrictions which have confined the children to their homes.”

Additional Reporting courtesy of our partners at RUPTLY.


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