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EXCLUSIVE: Man FINED £200 by Police for Eating LUNCH in Car Amid Lockdown

POLICE in Cumbria fined a man for eating lunch in his car before he was due to go for a walk, Politicalite can reveal.

Steven Cope, 47 from Bradford received legal letters for his so-called crime of “eating lunch in his car” from Police.

Mr Cope told Politicalite: “I was out fell-walking alone near a village called Nenthead on the Cumbria and County Durham border.”

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“I went there because it was snowing round here but not up there.”

“As I was eating lunch in my car before setting off I was approached by the police.”

“The copper told me I was breaking Covid rules for being out without an excuse. I repeatedly asked him what law I was breaking, He either couldn’t or wouldn’t tell me.”

“I pointed out I was completely alone and going walking in an area which is dead quiet even in high

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“I also showed him I cutting I have from The Sun on Jan 5th that clearly states “There is no formal limit to how far you can travel for exercise”. The copper was not interested and proceeded to book me.”

He later received a letter from a firm called ACRO and Steven says he will fight the fine “due to the sheer stupidity of it.”

Steven claimed that ACRO is a private company making “big money” from Covid fines and alleged that high-ranking police officers are sitting on the board of directors and accused Police of “raking in the cash.”

“It was clear to this copper I was putting nobody at risk. I can be fairly sure I had no covid symptoms because I have my temperature checked by an electronic device at work every day.” added Steven.

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Steven says he would like to expose Cumbria Police and cited a similar case with Derbyshire Police when
they fined two women for doing the same thing last year.

More follows.

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