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LOCKDOWN VETO: Red Wall Leaders Given VETO Against Tough Lockdowns 

LOCAL leaders in Red Wall areas in the UK have reportedly been given a veto against the toughest level of Lockdowns. 

Reports suggest that Prime Minister gave local mayors such as Manchester Metro Mayor Andy Burnham a veto over the harshest Teir 3 lockdown rules on response to what local leaders branded “diktats” by Whitehall. 

Burnham refused to accept a Tier 3 lockdown for Greater Manchester – and Boris has not put Greater Manchester under the toughest restrictions. 

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Areas in Yorkshire and the North East have also been saved from being forced to close pubs and restaurants after local leaders failed to agree to a Tier Three lockdown. 

Boris has offered more cash for enforcement if they accept a Tier 3 lockdown, that is, however, unlikely as the electorate does not support tougher measures, with local leader Andy Burnham standing up for locals. 

Boris said in the commons today: “I hope they will accept our offer and go into Tier 3 where necessary.”

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Andy Burnham has become somewhat of a local hero after fighting the Government. 

He praised Boris Johnson and the Government for “listening” to his concerns about a tougher lockdown on Greater Manchester. 

“This is the right decision & we’re glad the Government has listened.” said Burnham.

In the Commons, the prime minister praised Merseyside for its so-called “cooperation”, but many say Liverpool had “rolled over” to Westminster. 

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Boris told MPs: “Engagement with other leaders in the North West, the North EaseffectYorkshire & Humber is continuing.”

Boris offered cash for areas that went into tougher lockdowns and urged different areas to recognise what was on offer. “More money, larger affect over the test-and-trace scheme and the federal government paying two-thirds of the wages of employees in shut-down companies.” 

“I believe not to act would be unforgivable, so I hope that rapid progress can be made in the coming days,” Mr Johnson said.

He then hinted that native leaders had prevented more durable motion being taken now, saying: “I hope they will accept our offer and go into tier 3 where necessary.”

The Three Tier system will go to a vote in the Commons tomorrow and Boris is expected to win the vote. 

More on Coronavirus follows. 

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