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PARTY LIKE IT’S COVID-1984! Bozza’s 10pm Curfew Leads To Covid CHAOS in Capital 



SCENES of mass gathering in central London caused uproar online as the government’s 10pm curfew results in the flooding of the streets of major cities in the UK as everybody leaves pubs and restaurants at the same time.

Videos have been circulating on social media of places such as Oxford Circus as thousands converge to the streets as the government announced a nationwide 10pm curfew to combat the rising rates of Covid-19 across the country. 

However, a lack of foresight on the government’s behalf led to rather ironic scenes across the country instead, as people made their way home after having to leave pubs and restaurants, with videos showing no social distancing or mask wearing whatsoever on the streets.

Huge crowds spill out of pubs as 10pm curfews see Brits 'partying' in UK streets - Mirror Online

Naturally, people nationwide are upset by this, as the tackling of the virus certainly will not have been aided by the large crowds that will now regularly form post-curfew across Britain. 


Even MPs have been rather distressed by this, including Tobias Ellwood, member of parliament for Bournemouth East, who tweeted “we need to re-visit this”, sparking some to suggest that a possible amendment to the curfew may be on the cards in the near future.

London news: HUGE crowds gather outdoors after 10pm curfew | UK | News |

Nevertheless, the government must right this wrong and figure a way to ensure that we can safely go about our lives without harming the infection rate, or alternatively, scrap the lockdowns completely and instead allow the virus to take its’ natural course. Both options must be considered properly, but decisive action is paramount.

More unsettling scenes broke out in Oxford Circus, where an alleged street party emerged post-curfew. 


To top it all off, the emergence of “Covid Marshals”, a rather disturbing new measure brought in by the government, has received public backlash, with images of marshals peering through windows and letterboxes, ensuring that citizens are not breaking lockdown rules in the privacy of their own homes. 

The thought of a man in a blue vest peering through your windows at 10pm is certainly not a thought that evokes confidence in my government.

Furthermore, talk of employing the army to enforce lockdown locally in high risk areas has been a matter of discussion, a possibility that should startle even the most loyal of Conservatives.


In these uncertain times, our leaders must act accordingly to ensure that the vulnerable are kept safe, but the populous is kept free. 

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