TIER WE GO: Fans Allowed Back Into Stadiums In Limited Numbers

The Covid ‘Winter Plan’ will allow fans back into stadiums in limited numbers in Tiers 1 & 2. Boris Johnson told the Commons that lockdown will end on 2nd December but as expected regions will be placed into tougher tiers of control until March.

4,000 fans – or 50 % of a stadium’s capacity – for outdoor events in Tier 1 areas. For indoor events in Tier 1 the maximum allowed will be the lower of 2,000 or 50 percent of capacity.  In Tier 2 areas, each of these numbers will be halved. So for outdoor events in Tier 2, a maximum of 2,000 spectators – or 50 % of capacity, whichever is lower – will be allowed. For indoor events, the lower number of either  1,000 fans – or 50 % of normal capacity – will be allowed. The complete ban on attending live sporting events will continue in regions placed into Tier 3.

However, restrictions on travel between different tiers will mean that fans’ ability to follow their favourite club away from home will continue to be limited. Clubs are said to be considering moving the entire weekend fixture list to next Wednesday when the current lockdown and continue to call for a roadmap to allow stadiums to operate at full capacity. Burnley’s Chief Executive Neil Hart said:

“It is a starting point and what we have been waiting for. I hope we can embrace it and build upon it.

There has to be a road map for me. How we might ramp it up, linked to infection rates.

It would be really good to see a road map, to see how we get fans back in at full capacity, that has to be the primary objective.”

The Premiership side estimates that they need a gate of 10,000 to break even on a game.

Which Tier each region falls into will be announced by the Government on Thursday, with MPs expected to vote on the proposals early next week.

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