YOU’RE FIRED: Coronavirus causes massive layoffs in Canada 

SEVERAL weeks ago the whole world woke up in a completely different reality. We are facing a world that we have definitely only seen only in the movies.

Sometimes, the reality is so “moviestic” that it is hard to believe that some of the best movie directors are not standing behind the curtains. 

The Coronavirus, known as COVID-19, has been declared as the pandemic by the World Health Organization in March and has now spread all over the world.

Emergency situations have been announced in almost every single country all over the world. Basically, the whole world is in quarantine mode and the Earth is closed for an indefinite time. 

While the coronavirus outbreak has already affected the lives of over a million people all over the world, it has also impacted various sectors and industries. Some of the industries are infected more while on others, it has a less and more bearable impact. The biggest hit is in the entertainment industry. As social distancing is the common practice in the whole world, the main socializing and gathering venues were shut first. 

The restaurants, cafes, bars, and clubs as well as casinos, as the means of socializing spots, were closed as soon as the emergency situation was declared in the countries. Thus, the industries have already suffered a lot, and the biggest issue is the mandatory layoffs. Canada is one of the world’s leading countries that has recently experienced the severe outcome of the pause mode of the industries. 

Saskatchewan gaming field is the one to take the hardest hits so far. It was announced that by the 30th of March, there have already been 20 new cases of the novel coronavirus in the Casino Regina and Casino Moose Jaw. Those are the two main entertainment venues in Canada and have been operating very successfully for very long. 

Due to the new cases, the casino management is forced to close the casinos for an uncertain period of time, while they are also forced to issue the mandatory layoffs for the 472 casino employees and 52 managers. Saskatchewan is not the first place in the country to shut down the casinos for the purpose of the well being of the players. The first province was Quebec, which took the very first steps. The decision has been made in order to at least somehow contribute to slowing down the spread of the highly contagious virus. 

While the land-based casinos have all been shut down and the players now have to halt their gambling activities, for the time being, the online gambling industry is the one to flourish. Especially in quarantine and at home, people still need to entertain themselves, and the best way to do so is to visit the best Canadian online casino. During the very hard times, it is essential to hold the vibe and to be able to entertain yourself while staying safe at home. This is why going online now, is the best moment and perhaps the decision, which can save your life and your business as well. All of the businesses that have been operating online in Canada have relatively more chances of surviving the crisis, while unfortunately some of the businesses have an uncertain future and no guarantees. 

All of the employees of the above-mentioned casinos have already received the mandatory layoffs as of April 3rd. This will be a huge hit for most people, who simply were dependent on the monthly income. Though, the positive thing in all of this can also be found. All of the employees will still have health benefits, which is essential during the pandemic. Players also have the right to use their vacation time and accumulate overtime hours accrued. This should make everything slightly more bearable and easier. 

The Chief Medical Officer of Saskatchewan is the main authority responsible for the decision and making the layoffs mandatory for the businesses. Spokesperson of the union, Paul Guillet announced that the Collective Bargaining Agreement is disregarded at this certain moment. Though, according to the Public Service Alliance of Canada, the labor union is responsible for the rights before their own employers. 

The policy will also be filed soon by the Public Services Alliance of Canada. The Executive Vice-President of the union Marianne Hladun, also stressed that the union is working on the current decisions and will try their best to maintain the wellbeing of their employees, while also calling off the layoffs. 


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