EXCLUSIVE: Merseyside Police ARREST Husband and Wife Protesting Lockdown in Liverpool

Report by JORDAN JAMES in North West England

SEVERAL people were arrested including a man and his wife by Merseyside Police on Saturday after peacefully protesting the UK Government’s Lockdown restrictions that are destroying lives and the livelihoods of hard-working class people, despite the Tories promising to ‘Level-Up’ the UK.

Five coppers walked over to the man who was exercising his democratic rights to protest in a supposed free-country and told the man that he was being detained for a Public Order Offence.

The man then angrily resists arrest and tells the officers “F*ck you lot!”.

“What are you tryna do?” he asks, whilst the five coppers place him under arrest.

“I’ll go down in a minute! … F*ck off!”

Another officer shouts: “You’re gonna get [pepper] sprayed if you don’t get down!”

His worried partner recording advises the man “Don’t let them spray you!”

An officer is then heard giving the order to spray”

His worried partner is then forced back by the Police and a passerby is heard asking: “That’s your fella aint it?”

“Yea my husband, they’ve arrested him for not moving quickly enough” a copper then grabs her and informs her that she is under arrest.

The video then went dark, just like the state of freedom of speech, the right to protest and the freedoms our forefathers fought for.


Enisa, an Anti-lockdown protester told Politicalite on Sunday: “We all got to speak out. We all got to stand up, get out and say we are not putting up with this, we are not having it. I am just not having it. I want a life, I want a happy life. I want to live in a peaceful world where we can all just be happy.”


LIVERPOOL has been under tough COVID-19 restrictions since October, with a Tier 3 lockdown that split apart the UK.

Liverpudlians had seemingly had enough of the restrictions but are being prevented from protesting the Lockdown by draconian laws that have banned mass protests.

Police could be seen struggling to subdue protesters, while others chanted “shame on you” at the officers.

Hundreds of demonstrators without facemasks and not observing social distancing rules marched through the city in the latest round of anti-lockdown protests.

The UK entered a four-week national lockdown on November 5 and restrictions are due to be reviewed on December 2.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said the four-week lockdown would have a ‘real impact’ on containing the virus.

He stressed that a coordinated approach by the devolved nations of the UK would allow the country to have “as normal a Christmas as possible.”

Several rallies against the restrictions have erupted throughout the country.

A Merseyside Police spokesperson told Politicalite: “A 36-year-old man from Kirkby was arrested on Church Street during an ongoing gathering in Liverpool city centre [on Saturday 21 November] on suspicion of assaulting an emergency worker after allegedly pushing an officer and resisting arrest.”

“He has been released under investigation.”

“Merseyside Police has received a complaint relating to the arrest and enquiries are ongoing into the matter.” added the spokesperson.

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