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VILE Girl Gang Whose Victim Later DIED Spared Jail Time

FOUR disgustingly cocky members of a girl gang have been spared jail despite playing an undeniable part in a ‘sustained and horrific’ bus stop attack on a frightened Egyptian student that took her life.

Mariam Moustafa suffered a stroke which left her in a coma after being ‘pushed so hard’ that she was slammed against a bus shelter on February 20 last year, and died almost a month later on March 14. Despite admitting affray in connection with the street assault, two 18-year-old girls, who can now be named as Rochelle Dobbin and Netesha Lewis, and two 16-year-old girls were only handed referral orders by a District Judge at Nottingham Youth Court on Wednesday.

One of the cretins leaves court with a cocky smile on her face.

Although the teenagers were not sent to custody, a district judge described them as ‘aggressive’ and should be ‘condemned’ for their actions.

They were spared detention because the court should ‘avoid criminalising young people unnecessarily’ and the teenagers could only be sent to custody as ‘a last resort’.

Six girls were charged after the incident, and two women were sentenced on Friday for their ‘cowardly’ behaviour in the assault. At Nottingham Crown Court on Friday, Mariah Fraser, 20, was ordered to spend eight months in a young offenders’ institution and Britania Hunter was given a 12-month community order and told to carry out 40 hours unpaid work after both admitted affray.

Mariam Moustafa’s father Mohamed and sister Mallak.

The youth court heard how Lewis was the ‘ring leader’ in the altercation, while Dobbin and the others were either filming the incident or laughing while watching events unfold. Lewis launched a violent attack on the student, punching her repeatedly and accusing her for being responsible for a social media account called ‘Black Rose’. Mariam was punched several times during an attack ‘fuelled by social media’ near a bus stop in Parliament Street, Nottingham, at 8pm, while her friend Pablo Jawara tried to protect her. The prosecution said the six girls were not charged with manslaughter as the attack could not be ‘legally linked’ to the student’s death. Judge Gregory Dickinson QC had previously said the motivation behind the assault was an accusation that Mariam ran a social media account called ‘Black Rose’ and an argument ‘about a boy’.

The logical conclusion to draw is the stroke was brought on by the actions of those who attacked her’ it was announced in the court room. And yet, common sense, as always, did not prevail, and as a result, more vile thugs are left to roam the streets with big smirks across their faces – laughing, of course, at us. 

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1 Comment

  1. Emily

    24 June 2019 at 14:31

    VILE Girl Gang Whose Victim Later DIED Spared Jail Time

    And they threaten Tommy Robinson with more prison for ‘causing anxiety to islamic racist rapists’.
    Thats what happens when you get an islamic Home Secretary who takes his oath of office on the koran.

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