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‘ALLO! ‘ALLO! Brit Biker Faked ‘French Accent’ To Avoid Arrest



A MOTORCYCLIST stopped for speeding has been compared to Del Boy from Only Fools And Horses after adopting a French accent in a bid to avoid prosecution, according to police.

The biker was pulled over on the A27 at Lancing, West Sussex, on Sunday on a bike with French registration plates.

Pc Glen McArthur, of Sussex Police, revealed on Twitter that a check found that the vehicle was registered in the UK.

He posted: “This little tinker thought he’d run around on French plates to avoid insurance, licence etc etc. His fake accent was somewhat comical! Au Reviour licence.


“The bike was followed at excess speed on the A27 @ Lancing last night (29/11). When stopped the rider claimed to be French. Checks of the bike showed it to be UK registered. The rider had an expired licence & no insurance.”

One Twitter user asked the police officer: “Did he sound like ‘Allo Allo policeman’?”

Pc McArthur responded: “Very much so!”

Another Twitter user said: “I’m reminded of Del Boy’s ‘Laboratoire Garnier’.”

Additional Reporting by PA Media

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